This is the third Kavanaugh/SCOUTS related conspiracy theory I’ve heard in as many weeks.

First it was Kennedy’s son got his dad to open a SCOTUS seat for Trump after lending him some money 30 years ago.

Then it was Kennedy agreed to retire if he got to select his replacement.

Now it’s Trump’s pick has some dirty financials.

When you get into the story, WaPo reports that Kavanaugh bought the tickets then friends paid him back which allowed him to pay off his debt.

My dad’s law firm did this for football games so that the people who got tickets could all sit together.

According to the NY Daily News, season tickets can run upwards of $6,000 per seat, so between 10 and 30 people.  Also not strange if he were buying season tickets for a law firm, group of professionals, alumni club, or something similar.

Shannon Watts is off in conspiracy la-la land.

According to The Daily Mail, 48 hours after Trump nominated him to the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh was volunteering with a Catholic charity to give hot food to the homeless in DC.

I bet cash that someone on the Left will attack Kavanaugh for his act of charity making the argument that if Kavanaugh really cared for the homeless he’s be in favor of higher taxes and welfare spending, Medicare for all, and big goverment programs.

By their standards, Clinton and Obama were incredibly charitable for spending their time at star studded, celebrity filled, galas raising money for some group.  Actually going out into the community and helping out is what working class Bible belters do because they can’t go to $10,000 per seat events to talk about global warming with George Clooney.

All the Left has to do is not be crazy, and they can’t handle that.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Shannon Watts BS is getting deeper”
  1. A) what gives you the authority to determine this? Who are you to say?
    B) depends on your income; debt levels are relative.
    C) so baseball is now off the approved hobbies and interests list? Good to know!

    1. The median home value in DC is $565,900. By her statement, public officials shouldn’t have mortgages.

  2. Idle thought, how much debt does Ms. Watts have, and is it appropriate for the head of a “Non-Profit” activist organization?

  3. Look at all the “millions will die if kav is comfiermed” comments from the dumbacrats. It righT from their playbook. Remember when trump modified obammycare? Same whiney cries.
    Millions will die!!! Fuk em.

  4. As the left continues to lose more and more ground, they are going to continue getting more and more desperate, unhinged, and violent. This is what losing looks like. It’s ugly, and the left is ill-equipped to deal with it. Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed. Even if they somehow manage to derail it, Trump will replace him with someone equally or more conservative. Maybe that Catholic woman they were freaking out about. Trump isn’t going to be happy if his candidate gets railroaded, he’ll hit back harder and out of spite. The left still doesn’t get this.

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