Senator Cory Booker sold me on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I guess Shannon Watts didn’t get the message so she decided to try and up-sell him.

If she thinks it’s dangerous, I’ll take it.

Fan-fucking-tastic!!! Put him on SCOTUS tomorrow.

Before he and Gorsuch overturn Roe, I want them to declare AWBs and the NFA Unconstitutional.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and 9th Circus are the most activists appeals courts in the nation.  They need SOCTUS to overturn their decisions and cram that shit down some activist judge throats.

Trump owes us after the whole bump stock thing.  The Senate should vote YES on Kavanaugh.

I hope that guy makes concealed carry of an UZI without a permit legal based entirely on the test of the 2A.

Maybe that will finally be enough to drive Watts, Bloomberg, and the rest of the anti-gun establishment to move to Canada.

I can’t wait for David Hogg to make his pro Kavanaugh sales pitch.




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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Shannon Watts wants me to back Kavanaugh too”
  1. He did, in his dissent, support a ban on machine guns because they are not in common use. Of course, he totally overlooked the fact that the reason they are NOT in common use is that there has been a very large tax on them for nearly 100 years, and a total ban on them for the past 30.

    The NFA is not going away. We have lost that fight, at least in my lifetime.

  2. There was an interesting observation from the panel on Brett Baier’s Special Report yesterday: progressives are used to using the courts to achieve their goals — because they are incapable of getting those things via democratic means. So they are petrified at the notion that they might lose their grip on the courts, because that would leave them powerless.
    What an attractive notion.

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