Ben Shapiro offered to donate  $10,000 to a charity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s choice if she debated him.

To this day, the closest thing she has had to a media challenge was on Firing Line on PBS, which started by heaping praise on her.  That interview lobbed softballs at her.  Since then, she’s appeared on late night comedy news shows that barely amounted to tee-ball level questions, just letting her spew out platitudes showcasing her bubbly personality.

Ben Shapiro would take her to task and mop the floor with her.  She knows it.

So she responded with this:

Understand what she did here.

If managed to ask Stalin or Che (or any other socialist) a question that made them look bad, you would have been taken out and shot.

Dead.  Done.

This really is the social media social justice warrior equivalent.  She accused him of sexual impropriety.  That is a death sentence in the SJW world.  If that happens to you, you become a pariah.  Your name is scrubbed from your accomplishments, you are kicked out of school, you lose your job, you are unpersoned.

This was not flippant.  If Ben Shapiro was a man working for Vox, he’d be gone and Vox would be apologizing for ever hiring him.

Ben is not a Liberal on social media, so this won’t do the damage to him that she wanted it to, but the intent was clearly there.

She was challenged and she sentenced Shapiro to be executed for it.  She is authentically a socialist.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “She Guevara proves her Socialist chops”
  1. Articulate and logical facts versus bubbly but empty platitudes? Who would win?
    — (hint: not bubbly)

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