Haines is exactly right, for many people, especially in Blue areas, COVID restrictions will be exactly like post 9/11 travel restrictions, a permanent new normal.

And just like post 9/11 travel restrictions, they are pure security theater that has no actual efficacy.

Masks are COVID TSA.  They don’t stop shit.

Mask mandates are just like pat downs.  They do nothing to stop bad things from getting through and are just a affront to your intelligence and civil liberties.

The thing is, after 20 years of useless airport security theater, many people on both side of the aisle roll their eyes at the uselessness of it but know the system will never go away because there is too much money and bureaucracy tied up in it and Pournelle’s Iron Law has set in making the TSA permanent.

It was justified in the years after 9/11 by a color coded fear porn system, but eventually people got tired of that and it went away.  When was the last time you heard it was an orange terrorism day.

In 20 years it will be the same here.

Most people will roll their eyes at mask mandates in Blue areas but comply nonetheless.

People won’t care about the fear porn anymore and recognize the security theater as just that, theater.

But the rules and regulations will still be there because the money and bureaucracy are there and that never goes away even after its been proven useless.

The only amazing thing here is that we know exactly how this will unfold.  Post 9/11 security is the road map, yet people still want to go down this road as though they don’t know where it leads.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “She’s so close to getting it”
  1. What kills me is that there’s a mountain of evidence that the elected officials and celebrity mouth pieces who are the strongest proponents of masking don’t behave the same way off camera as they do on camera. And yet, no one calls them on their BS, at least no one with any clout on their side.

    I don’t expect left-leaning voters to ever agree with me on issues, but how the hell can you vote for the people who treat you like morons day after day.

  2. It’s never going back to “the way it was before”. Trump and covid have ensured that there’s no going back, like Cortes burning his ships. Trump exposed the deep state, so his supporters will never go back to the Bush/McCain days. And the covid cult members who are stuck in a mass formation can’t go back either, because for them, the current situation, for all its insanity, is psychological better than “before”. The world will look radically different within 5 years. Maybe better, maybe worse, but definitely different.

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