Video from the Jacksonville Dollar General shooting.


It looks like he’s wearing a plate carrier of some sort.

I haven’t read that he was wearing armor, but it’s not an unreasonable assumption to think he was with that rig.

Your CCW gun won’t punch through plates.

A mag dump into the space between the top of his dick and the bottom of his belly button will shatter the pelvis and put him on the ground.

Nobody is walking with a broken pelvis.

If you’re lucky you’ll hit the descending aorta, iliac, and/or femoral arteries, and he’ll bleed out in about 30 seconds.

If not, you have the ability to maneuver into a position where a more instantly lethal shot can be taken.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Shoot him in the dick – Jacksonville edition”
  1. Gotta luv fat guys with plate carriers… acres of area to shoot at.. yes, pelvis area is a great place to put rounds. Prepare accordingly..

  2. This is the area of the body I’ve been instructing my students to put rounds for several years for the reasons J.Kb mentioned. Another reason to put rounds at the belt area is, it is the last area of the body to begin movement when the shooter attempts to evade incoming fire from Good Guys with Guns.
    Shooters will invariably turn their upper body away from perceived gun fire, the shoulder and center mass area will be moving to the bladed position while the belt area will not have moved as much. It’s the largest area of the body and the last part to move when evasive action begins. That extra second of slow movement enables the good guys enough time to put five rounds on target. Once the legs go out of commission, if the shooter’s actions continue, more rounds can be put in the same area or if safe to do so, the strong-arm shoulder, neck and head area.

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