The elections yesterday in Virginia were touted as the full comeback of the re-branded Gun Control…er…sorry, Gun “Safety” movement. Democrats assured everyone that they would take over the state senate and a new era of peace and safety would be guaranteed.
They failed.
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Earlier this morning, I checked the Facebook pages of Moms Demand and Everytown. Their last post was from when they got confirmation that one of their boys, Jeremy McPike, had won a seat that was already in the hands of Democrats, but nothing else but 9 hours of silence. Since then Moms posted about the death of a boy, targeted by persons unknown in Gun Control Chicago. I guess they still cannot comprehend how contradiction works.

Bloomberg dumped $2.3 million dollars in Virginia and he only needed to win ONE seat and the Republicans none. If a future 50/50 vote would come to the senate, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) would be the tie breaker. Republicans managed to retain all their senate seats.

And next we have Americans for Responsible Solutions:

"WTF happened?"
“WTF happened? We should have bought another AR and a fishing boat with that money.”

The Giffords poured $600,000 into the campaign of Democrat B. Jill McCabe to unseat republican Richard Black. They lost that money too after Black won with a comfortable five point lead.

For all intents, the Virginia races were a disaster for the Gun Control Cabal. Bet your booty this is being examined by the presidential campaigns of both Hillary and Sanders. Again, I do not expect either of them to tone down the gun control rhetoric for the primaries since it plays well for the Daily Kos/Democratic Underground people who make the majority vote this early, but I think I can guarantee that Gun Control will not be a major platform come the run for the White House, specially if Hillary gets anointed as candidate. The failure of Al Gore is still very fresh in her mind.

Virginia Gun Owners, take a bow and buy a six-pack, you deserve it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

22 thoughts on “Silence of The Crickets.”
  1. You are welcome! None of the tight races were in my district, but I’ll take credit anyway. ;-). Really, though, let’s thank the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) for years of dedicated hard work and heavy lifting. Thanks!!! Their daily action emails and multiple activist activities, as well as their annual Lobby Day at the State House in Richmond, are examples of how REAL grassroots activism works.

    1. I have said several times that VCDL is one of the smartest and grounded gun organizations in the country. The effort they put on Open Carry alone in both get it passed and doing the picnics and stuff to let people get used to the concept, should be textbook to be followed by others.

      1. The NRA has it’s place, and it is definitely the big stick in our bag of political action tools. That being said, in my experience, you definitely can’t discount state and local-level groups as well. They are more in tune with the local scene and can counter rogue action at the state & local level.

      2. Get what passed? Open Carry has always been legal in Virginia and we have been doing it when the hell ever we want. We have had to remind the police upon occasion, but they do learn after buying the OC citizen a new car/gun/boat or all the above.
        Our next big push is constitutional carry. I can just hear the fools now: “There will be blood in the streets!” “It will be the wild west again!” “Every cross word will end in gun play!” “OH, the horror!” HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. If the Dems tone down the “gun control” rhetoric after the primaries, we need to keep the spotlight on it. You know the GOP won’t.

    It’s really a stupidly-simple message: “[Dem candidate] won the primary promising to take your guns. That s/he’s not saying it now doesn’t mean it’s no longer a goal. Defend your rights; vote against him/her.”

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy, but losing $2.3 Million to Bloomie is nothing. He’s practically got that in the cushions of his sofa. It would be like one of us losing $20 or $50. It would sting, but it wouldn’t wipe you out.

    1. True and no argument… but that’s still 2.3 mil he CAN’T throw somewhere else. Even if you’re resource-rich, resources (and especially time, of which Bloomburg has no more of than you or I) spent on no return will eventually not be there when there is an opportunity of return.

  4. Bloomburg ran anti gun adds every 15 min out of the Richmond TV stations and for the rural part of the 10th state senate district that is full of hunters it was like throwing ice water on a sleeping giant. Powhatan county went 75% against Bloomburg. I live just north of there and everyone in the area was as mad as they could be having a G D Yankee telling them to vote for a jackwagon that was going to attack their rights.

  5. Kudos and warm thoughts to the REAL AMERICANS who told the Bloomberg whores to pound sand.

    We need to remind everyone in each and every election that he tries to steal that he is an outsider and his candidates are all going to be his bitches, if they win. Enough real Americans should turn out to put a stop to his meddling.

    The sooner this control freak expires, the better. I’m throwing a party when he croaks to celebrate our liberty and freedom with balloons, beer, cake, and a nice celebratory card sent to his headquarters.

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