SJW Midget who stole MG hats gets no jail time.

You guys surely remember Edith Macias.

 A now-graduated UC Riverside student who stole a peer’s Make America Great Again hat off his head last fall and refused to give it back has pled guilty to petty theft and will not face jail time as long as she completes a court-appointed program.
“The defendant pled guilty to one count of petty theft and was referred to our standard deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program, which requires the completion of a class in exchange for a dismissal,” John Hall, a spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, told The College Fix via email Monday.
“Prior to agreeing to the DEJ program, the defendant provided proof that she has already completed eight anger-management classes and wrote an apology letter to the victim and UCR. If the defendant does not complete the DEJ program as agreed upon, she would be sentenced to 10 days in county jail and three years of summary probation,” Hall said.

No jail time for student who stole peer’s MAGA hat in viral video

I hope she learned her lesson. I doubt it but only time will tell.


7 Replies to “SJW Midget who stole MG hats gets no jail time.”

  1. Yeah … seems like California is now treating theft (and assault, if she took it off her classmate’s head; I don’t know the details there) more or less like traffic tickets.

    Saves on court costs, saves on expense of jailing the perp. Everybody wins! Sigh.

    So, quick show of hands … as an alternate, what would you guys think of implementing Yubitsume instead?

    1. True enough – she could have gotten off completely. She should still have had to make some form of restitution. I wonder if the victim had considered filing a civil suit against her……………

  2. Think Kate Steinle. As the Left says, “no justice, no peace” well, so to the Right will eventually say “if you assault me, I shoot you”.

    We have a justice system to prevent the use of vigilante justice. The courts need to step up or they will help to launch the Second American Civil War.

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