So I just got a phone poll call.

And as usual I answer. Very polite young man so I went along with the questions. I do hope they share my answers with certain Florida politician.

Pollster: For Senator for the State of Florida, would you vote for a Republican candidate or a Democrat Candidate.
Me: Republican.
Pollster: For Senator for the State of Florida, Who would you vote for? Rick Scott, the Republican or Bill Nelson the Democrat.
Me: Neither.

That kinda baffled the guy, but he continued on with other questions. Twice he asked similar inquiries about the senate race and got the same answer. he finally asked why I would not vote for Scott:

Me: Because he signed SB7026, the Gun Control bills.

Sorry, but screw Rick Scott.  He got rolled over like a puppy spanked with a newspaper by a couple of high schoolers in Tallahassee, I imagine he will be somebody’s political bitch in all fours in Washington.  A Democrat Senator for Gun Control is nothing new. A Republican Senator for Gun Control is free ammunition to the Opposition.

Hard pass on that.

4 Replies to “So I just got a phone poll call.”

  1. Amen brother. The 2A is my number one issue, if you won’t defend it you’re useless to me regardless of your political affiliation.

  2. Then people tell me “If you don’t vote for the guy with the ‘R’ after his name, it’s as good as voting Democrat, so people with this philosophy keep electing Republicans simply because they want the Democrat to lose. Once elected, they continue to vote against our wishes. THAT is how you get RINOs like John McCain.
    I said this in the last two elections, and I will say it again- voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Either you do the job I elected you to do, or you will NEVER get my vote again.

    1. “If you don’t vote for the guy with the ‘R’ after his name, it’s as good as voting Democrat,”

      It used to be that those with an “R” after their name generally agreed with my mostly libertarian views. Now too damn many of them are only concerned about staying in office and what the news readers have to say. The idiocy of course, is that by betraying their conservative/libertarian base, they are less likely to stay in power. Yet they persist in kowtowing to the liberal media in the false hope that the media will have something nice to say about them after the primary.

      I am so done with supporting people who tell the “folks back home” they will support the 2A, end Obamacare, cut spending, etc and then go to Washington or the state capital and do the opposite. Term limits are a start, but the swamp rats will never vote for an amendment to implement them. Tar, feathers, pitchforks, some assembly required.

  3. The only advantage that Scott has over Nelson is his lack of seniority. Nelson will be on committees that Scott wouldn’t and will be chairing rather than just attending.

    The huge advantage of keeping Nelson, though he’s a foe, is we know where he stands and what he will do. I’d much rather have a predictable opponent who telegraphs their moves than an unreliable “friend”.

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