Trump 2020 is now dead.

Trump killed it.

Trump Administration Bans Bump Stocks, Says They’re Equal to Machine Guns

Saying bump stocks are similar to machine guns, the Trump administration is banning the firearm accessory that came to national attention last October after a man in Las Vegas unleashed murderous gunfire on concertgoers.

The new regulation requires bump stock owners to turn them in to federal law enforcement or destroy them within 90 days after the ban is published in the Federal Register.

“The Department of Justice is amending the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to clarify that bump-stock-type devices-meaning ‘bump fire’ stocks, slide-fire devices, and devices with certain similar characteristics-are ‘machine guns’,” the order reads. “Current possessors of these devices will be required to destroy the devices or abandon them at an ATF office prior to the effective date of the rule.”

No national concealed carry reciprocity.

No Hearing Protection act or other removal of suppressors from the NFA.

If you have a novelty item that is useless for doing anything but turning money into noise, you have to destroy it to go to prison.

With the Democrats taking the majority in 2019, the chance of any pro-gun bills being passed under Trump before reelection is Zero.

Congrats Trump, you just alienated half your pro-gun base with 12 days left of a Republican majority in both houses of Congress to buy you any pro-gun good will to make up for this disaster.

If you lose reelection in 2020, you will have no one to blame but yourself.


Less anybody questions my assertion, since this is an ATF ruling, here is a Tweet direct from Trump earlier this year on his Twitter account taking full credit for pushing his this and blaming Obama for allowing bump stocks.

Even if this is just an ATF ruling, Trump has made it clear that his fingerprints are all over it.

I don’t think he realizes that doing this will not make a single Democrat look on him more favorably by one iota, what it will do is piss off every pro-gun Republican immeasurably.

Update No. 2

For those of you who might be inclined to say “but J.Kb., Trump is President, he doesn’t make laws, how can you blame him for a lack of CCW Reciprocity or the failure of the Hearing Protection Act?”

You are technically right, the legislature creates laws.

HOWEVER… in the US, the President has traditionally be able to use the weight of the office to encourage the Legislature, especially the members who are in the President’s party, to work towards a goal.

The term we use for the power the President has to move the Legislature is political capital.

The ACA is Obamacare because Obama spearheaded the act, went on tour to sell it to the American people, and rallied the Democrats to write the bill and pass it unilaterally.

Trump spent no political capital on CCW Reciprocity or the Hearing Protection Act.  He could have thrown his weight behind existing bills.  He could have mentioned it to great applause at his rallies, showing Republicans in the House and Senate that if they supported the bills, they would benefit at election time.

So although Trump has no Constitutional authority to pass either pro gun bill, his silence on them was deafening.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “So much for Trump 2020 – Update”
  1. 911. HE HAS NOT BANNED BUMP STOCKS!!!!!!!!! HE HAS NOT SIGNED ANYTHING YET!!! STOP PERPETUATING THIS FUKKIN MYTH !!! THIS IS A RUMOR COOKED UP BY THE DRIVE. BYS!!! There is nothing on any NRA sites GOA sites about this. Not happening. Take a breath…


    “It’s not the best option but between giving up the bump fire tip and having the Left to eat us by putting the NFA under the microscope, I’ll lose the tip.

    Don’t be the hard ass who says “you can take my bump stock from my cold dead hands” and gets my AR pistol turned into an illegal SBR.”

    Literally your own words. Way to say something one post, and then say the exact opposite in another post the second Trump did exactly what you told him to do.

    1. 1) I changed positions on bump stocks in a later post. My position evolved based on new evidence.

      2) This is not what I wanted. This is putting the NFA under a microscope. I originally thought Congress would ban bump stocks. Having the ATF reverse a previous ruling is what opens the door for them to decide arm braces are buttstocks and make any braced pistol an illegal SBR or SBS. This is the worst possible scenario.

  3. Hate to say it, but a bump stock ban is a political non-starter. Very few gun owners care (though they should, considering the implications). Many of us frequent highly pro-2A echo chambers on the internet, and it seems like Trump has lost all support. But he really hasn’t. The fact is most gun owners don’t care about this. A majority of Trump’s voters aren’t even gun people, they are more concerned with immigration or the economy.

    I’m not saying I agree with banning bump stocks, I don’t. I’m also not suggesting you vote for Trump or don’t. I’m just saying this probably won’t have the impact a lot of people think it will.

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