So you have been wanting an AR 15 but could not afford one

Palmetto State Armory has this deals right now. Some assembly required, but it is fun!

A good quality AR 15 for under $400? I know, it is not a Daniel Defense but you could probably buy 3 of this and have money left for magazines, ammo and maybe a red dot.

Speaking of magazines, they have the D&H 5.56 30rd magazines for 6.99 a pop.

I will be fiscally responsible and only spend money on the upcoming website renewal…damn it. Go ahead, buy one and let me know so I can live vicariously through you.



8 Replies to “So you have been wanting an AR 15 but could not afford one”

  1. Did I NOT tell you this, about a year ago?? lol!!! I built mine less than that price…. 292.87. Go parts from different sales, and ebay, and other sources. It was an 80% lower, and it took me 3 days a few hours a day to mill and drill it. Works impeccably well!!! I can get these parts at those prices, every day. If you take your time, and find the best deals, you’ll have a much better time building, and learning about the weapon you are constructing… Makes it personal, with your firearm. You will know its very operation, better than buying one off the shelf. IMHO…

  2. I have a 10.5 inch Palmetto upper on my M16 full auto. Stainless barrel.
    Have about 4000 rounds thru it, ZERO issues. Quality stuff
    Git sum!!

  3. I bought the upper for a spare a few weeks ago still not sure why they called it a blem it looks good to me. Do check your head space on their stuff, we found a friends pistol barrel were the bolt would not close on a GO gage. To their credit it was replace in less than a week, most of that shipping time.

  4. Are you kidding? They had an M4-type carbine kit for 300 bucks a couple of weeks ago. Everything included but the rear sight and stripped lower. Stripped lower was 40 bucks. And free shipping. I haven’t checked the web site in a few days, but it may still be on.

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