Gender dysphoria has been a known mental illness for a while now. The earliest treatments were done at Johns Hopkins. The procedure took many years, required extensive therapy and living as the opposite gender for a significant time before anything irreversible was done.

I know of multiple people that firmly believed they were the wrong gender. They went to Johns Hopkins and when everything was said and done, they were not even allowed in to the early stages of the process. The therapy part was enough to show that the individual wasn’t suffering from gender dysphoria but had other issues.

Over time the doctor that started created the original gender reassignment procedures came to believe that it was wrong. He stopped performing reassignment surgeries.

Confirmation bias is when we expect to find something and because we expect to find it we do find it. This is the gambler that finds a pattern at the craps table or roulette table. He expects there to be a pattern so he finds it. Those processes are random so there isn’t a pattern.

Scientist are not immune to confirmation bias. A good scientist designs their experiments such that it should eliminate confirmation bias. Good scientists will have others examine their research to look for confirmation bias and to help them remove that bias from their research.

One example of confirmation bias is in temperature samples. Some climate scientist expected to see certain patterns in global temperature measurements. When they didn’t see what they expected they decided that the data was bad. Not their findings, but the data. They then applied “corrections” to the data in order to get the results they wanted to see.

We see it with all of the climate alarmist. It is hot that means climate change is real. It’s cold, climate change is real. There is too much rain, there isn’t enough rain, there is too much snow, there isn’t enough snow… No matter what the weather event it always means “climate change!” to those with that level of confirmation bias.

Social contagions are syndroms that seem to be contagious when there should not be any contagine. In the 80’s there was the “Satanic Panic”. The word spread that there were satanic rituals taking place involving children. People were on the lookout for these satan worshipers doing evil to children.

And they found it. They found it and suddenly they had children telling adults about horrendous events. One group of children from a daycare facility described eating a baby.

It was all imagination. The children quickly learned that the more outrageous their stories the more praise they received from the investigating adults. The adults were feeding answers to the children, often without even realizing it.

The current social contagion is “transgender” or “non-binary”. Here’s the thing, it clumps. Once one child comes out and is praised for being “brave and beautiful” others follow. Those that do this are often willing to believe that a social contagion exists but it doesn’t apply to them. It is those others. They are the real deal.

Today trans people are treated with kid gloves and our entire society is being bent to accommodate these people. Why does my technical support person have their pronouns in their signature block? Why does my bank teller have their pronouns pinned to their shirt? Because they are afraid of offending somebody. Worse, they want you to be afraid of offending them.

…including some sympathetic to Turban’s political mission, wondered whether his research reflected scientific curiosity and discovery or confirmation bias and an axe to grind. Throughout his career, Turban has authored studies which conclude that there are great benefits and minimal risks to providing gender-confused minors with “gender-affirming care,” a medically cryptic way of saying hormonal therapy for puberty suppression, reconstructive surgery, and social and behavioral re-conditioning.

Dr. Jack Turban found his research niche in the treatment of pediatric gender-identity disorders nearly a decade ago and quickly rose through the ranks of the discipline. In a prestigious fellowship at Stanford Medical Center following a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, he focused on child and adolescent psychiatry with an emphasis on transgender youth, or facilitating sex change through surgical, medical, and social interventions.

In February, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW) updated its service guidelines for children and youth with gender dysphoria, citing “uncertain science” and “no definite conclusions about the effect and safety of the treatments” as reasons to conclude that “the risks outweigh the benefits at present.” Multiple Republican state legislatures, recognizing the unknowns and moral and ethical uncertainties, have limited access to the treatments.

It is highly unlikely that this trend towards mutilating children will stop anytime soon. The amount of damage being done to our children is alarming, even if it is only at a mental level. Movies and shows are pushing and affirming transgenderism.

At some point our children’s children’s children will look back at this and label this time “The crazy years.”

Until that time this is a small step in the right direction.

‘Advocate Rather Than a Scientist’: The Compromised Research of Child Gender-Transition Doctor Jack Turban

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2 thoughts on “Social Contagion or Grooming”
  1. It is a social contagion that perfectly aligns with what is wrong with academic Leftism. I.e., it’s entirely grounded in emotions and feelings, not objective reality. If the opposite gender, you must me. If you feel like Trump is a dictator, he must be. If you feel like cutting down a forest to put up solar panels is good for the environment it must be. Actual reality be dammed. Remember, the Left is judged on intentions not results. If they intended to help children but mutilated them, it’s okay, their intentions were pure.

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