Why is it that many of the same people who are pushing for marijuana decriminalization or legalization are at the same time at the forefront of banning flavored vaping?

Marijuana has been clinically proven to damage developing brains.

While Nicotine is not good for you, the negative effects of vaped nicotine are much less than that of either smoking or marijuana.

In fact, published medical research indicates that marijuana smoking has a greater risk of causing lung cancer than smoking tobacco.

And while I don’t vape, I can tell you I prefer the smell of flavored vapes which have taken the place of cigarettes in the break areas at work.

I for the life of me cannot understand why for so many politicians, they want to legalize a recreations substance that destroys your brain and deadens your emotions while increasing your risk for cancer and smelling like burning skunk’s asshole, but they want to ban a relatively harmless substance that smells like fruit punch.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Someone explain this to me, please”
  1. It is pretty simple. Sin Tax. It is harder for them to collect Sin Taxes from vaping stuff. They hate smoking actual cigs more but those same cigs get them massive fat stacks of tax income. Now that a safer alternative has come about, they’re losing more of that tax income. They’re more okay with Pot because its clearly a Sin, so they can milk it for the taxes.

  2. Preliminary investigation shows that most of the deaths and illnesses related to vaping appear to be from THC Vaping cartridges. Again this is preliminary, but it may explain why suddenly we are seeing people get sick and die from vaping? People have been vaping for years, and suddenly they are getting sick and dying? Strange…

    I don’t have any first hand information. I hate all cigarettes, grass, and vaping.

    1. Given that most, but not all, victims mention using THC-laced vapes, I wonder if in fact all of them have and the ones not saying so don’t want to admit it.

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