That’s almost exactly what Twitter and Facebook did to Trump in 2020.

They throttled Trump and locked down the NY Post and anyone who covered the Hunter Biden laptop story.

And I can guarantee you that if DeSantis runs in 2024 they would have locked out his and Christina Pushaw’s accounts.

This talking head is having such a hard time with the thought of losing control of the narrative that he’s had a psychological break and is confessing in projection.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Someone just had a dissociative psychological break on TV”
  1. Ninety Percent of the people are too blind to realize that is exactly what has happened thousands of times in the last 10 years. Most people never see what they are not shown, even when you try to rub their nose in the absence of it.

  2. He just described everything Jack Dorsey had Twitter do in 2020, he’s just but hurt that Elon will prevent it.

  3. But, but, they can just go off and form their own new platform, right? Nothing’s stopping them, right? (Or is that too close to “learn to code” to be acceptable these days?)
    On a related note, I wonder whether Twitter has non-compete clauses in its hiring contracts, and how enforceable they are. Likewise Twitter’s patent portfolio.

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