A show of human kindness and compassion.

Sometimes we need a reminder that it still exists in this world.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Something heartwarming for your Friday”
  1. This is the same Sheriff that warned looters and criminals that 911 was working iffy and if they did something stupid, the locals would take matters in their own hands and they would have a tough time calling for help.

    Just when I thought there were no redeeming locations in Louisiana.

  2. As one of the people who was deployed to hurricane Katrina, I see this differently. Why do you need an armed and armored SWAT team to do welfare checks?

    We did thousands of welfare checks, and were even searching house to house, checking on people. It’s called urban search and rescue. It’s an actual specialty that first responders work towards. It doesn’t include running around with tactical vests and loaded magazines. Nor did each check require a team meeting and briefing with cameras rolling. We were too busy for that kind of a circus.

    We rolled out, checking the damaged areas one street at a time. We also had a crew with a list of people who needed to be looked in on.

    If the guy was injured, then the rescuers would be prohibited by HIPAA from having the press there. If he wasn’t injured, then they weren’t needed. They knew ahead of time he was OK and wanted the press there for the coverage.

    This video was a planned PR event so the cops get to look good in today’s defund the police climate. The real rescuers are accomplishing their jobs without the press.

  3. I suspect that Mr Moore was more likely to be a Viet Vet than a WWII vet. He was born during WWII (and only four years older than I).

    1. The wording is weird. I think they meant Mr. Moore’s father is the WWII vet. With “Mr. Moore” referring to the 77 year old man, not the son that called in the welfare check.

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