I saw this posted in Twitter, but I decided to check it out myself. Dear God, it is true: Tools for Social Workers to Prevent Gun Violence.

Social Workers who have been touted as the solution to stop cops shooting people because they are going to take over the arrests of the violently deranged while they massacre the shit out of a family in conjunction with the well-known and dumb Brady Campaign, specialist in Gun Violence and making unsuspected people sue the wrong companies, lose the case and their shirts while they wash their hands, have come up with the above-linked PDF that has this dumb photo in its cover

For the uninitiated, allow me to explain what is terribly wrong. Number one:  that trigger can be pulled, and I am willing to bet that it is already pulled and about 4 ounces away from firing the gun. Number 2: Once the trigger ends its travel, the stupid lock will fall into the trigger guard and becomes a stupid pendant doing absolutely nothing to secure that weapon.

This is not an instructional but a charge of manslaughter waiting to happen.  They could have gone on the Internet and search for revolver locks to obtain realistic images like this:

But then I remember: Gun Control groups get money only when people get shot. A safe gun does not kill anybody, and they can’t pump their fundraising efforts unless some innocent child is killed with a non-secured or desperately poorly secured weapon like the one above.

But we are the bloodthirsty people, right?

PS: If you have a gun at home and would like to know how to really keep it safe, start here: NRA Home Firearm Safety Course / NRA Training (nrainstructors.org)

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Something so dangerously stupid, you have laugh at their “Gun Safety Advocate” credentials.”
  1. I don’t think the image is meant as a literal way to ‘prevent gun violence’ but as allegory.

    Unfortunately, it’s like that poster in the school where you have three gears, labeled ‘teachers’, ‘parents’, and ‘students’, but the gears are placed in such a way that none can move. So the whole concept just kind of comes apart because people laugh at it and point out how illogical it is.

  2. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    Perhaps better than the anti-Rights posters that show the entire cartridge exiting the barrel.

  3. It serves to confirm a belief I’ve long held: that a functioning brain is a disqualification for the job of social worker (as it is for the nearly-identical job of school principal or superintendent).

    1. If by “functioning” you mean “with a solid connection to the world as it is,” I concur.

      Some are quite brilliant, and use that brilliance to rationalize whatever whackadoo position they have embraced.

  4. Definitely just a stock footage/image they grabbed to “illustrate” the concept of securing a gun. Hopefully, the text inside the document shows a proper way.

    The problem is the average anti-gun person would not take the time to understand the action, and they would assume a lock on the trigger in that manner works.

    Final note, if the padlock securely held the trigger against the trigger guard, without any wiggle room, it would secure the firearm. Not sure any revolver in the world has a trigger that presses completely against the back of the trigger guard, or any padlock that is so precisely machined that it will not allow movement. But, it is not impossible…

    1. Nope, won’t make it safe. Why, you ask? Because, since the trigger is locked in the pulled position, I can simply pull the hammer back and turn it loose. Old days, they tied the trigger back and fanned the hammer.

  5. Reality isnt a factor in anti gunners minds…. Its why they think taking lawful citizens firearms away will reduce crime.

  6. There’s some things so stupid that you have to have an expensive degree from an Ivy League school to believe them.

    1. My Great Uncle used to refer to people who were highly credentialed but without the common sense God gave a door knob, as “Educated Damn Fools.”

  7. Is this why Baldwin didn’t have to pull the trigger??

    Designed by and for folks who are “edumacated” beyond their level of intelligence….

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