Video warning: ladies, you might need to take an extra birth control pill before watching something this manly.

This is why this guy makes $100,000 (or more) per year with a high school diploma.

The guys who do this and like doing it are not going to take well to sitting behind a desk and being taught to code for $20 per hour.

“But we’re going to t retrain them…”


Only a white-collar technocratic numbnuts with hands softened by years of fondling money could believe that the highest career people aspire to is to be the soft-handed drones of white-collar technocratic numbnuts.

I hope that the next time some Ivy League graduate working for the NYT writes an OpEd about how no, really, it’s a good thing Biden put these guys out of work so they can get a green energy job coding a smart grid, one of these dudes flicks his wrist and wraps a chain around a pampered journalist.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Something the armchair economists on the Left don’t understand”
  1. Seeing someone truly adept at their job is poetry in motion. Those fellas dance in the fire on those rigs and my hat is truly off to them.

    Additionally….now I want to pay good money to see some office weenie tell John Q Roughneck that they’re not respecting their work perspective by microwaving their meatloaf in the same breakroom as their grass-fed cage-free quiche.

  2. That’s a bigger slice of what they do than I had seen before. Truly scary work, heavy machinery moving rapidly, chains being spun around. I saw a half dozen opportunities for losing an arm or worse in just that 50 second clip.
    Hats off to them, indeed. I sure as heck would not want to be in his shoes. Working a lathe (for a hobby) is about as scary as I want to deal with. Or jumping out of a “perfectly good” airplane. 🙂

  3. That’s what I did when I was a lot younger. I met a few people that were missing parts of hands and feet. I bailed out after 4 years and with all my parts. Pretty decent money in 1979.

  4. I have never wanted to do that job. And I have cleaned the insides of 10,000 gallon oil tanks with just a stack of red rags.

  5. To the ignorant, details get lost. things appear to be similar, and thus those similar things are interchangeable.

    For instance, someone that’s not a horse person probably won’t know the differences in breeds and purposes for which they are bred, and would think a Clydesdale a perfectly fine racehorse.

    To the New American Nomenklatura, all manual workers appear similar, and are thus interchangeable.

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