I hate LA, so fuck everyone who lives there and spent hours in traffic.  The DA will let these people go, so fuck everyone who voted for him and is suffering because of it.

But nevertheless, the issue of protesters blocking traffic and attacking drivers still stands.

The can get away with it in LA.

They brought it to a Red state like Iowa.

They will bring this to every place they can.

Be careful.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Speaking of cars vs protesters…”
  1. They do this shit where it’s tolerated. Lefty/commie hives of scum and villainy. The more they do this, the more violence, the more they push the fence sitters, the moderates, Joe Normie, to the right. Have at it. Burn baby, burn.

  2. I can reasonably articulate that as an attempt at car jacking. In my state deadly force to stop an even an attempted car jacking is justifiable use of that level of force.
    I think that’s why we’ve never seen any ‘protests’ like this in my state.

  3. Aren’t they just adorable, bless their hearts.

    As snuffy noted, like mass shooters, these imps ply their trade where it’s tolerated. They might have a spot of trouble in a red city.

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