Dune is a great book.

Like Starship Troopers (another favorite) and Atlas Shrugged, the plot is really just a way of making a philosophical and political treatise into something enjoyable to read.

And it’s great.

I highly recommend reading or twice.  The first time abridged to get the plot, then again unabridged to focus on the philosophy and not worry about plot points.

But, if you really want the most distilled understanding of Dune, the best is a Tumblr page called Calvin & Muad’Dib.

It’s just Calvin & Hobbes strips with the original text replaced with Dune quotes.

It’s epic.

How very true and how much we see this today.

How valuable the philosophy and how clearly it’s shown in a simple comic strip.

I love it.


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By J. Kb

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