Yes, I am glad that an armed woman stopped that attack. But the way the man punched the other woman in the face he deserved to have his brains splattered all over that grill.

Also, the obvious: God created all men (and women), Sam Colt made them equal.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Squeeze it, dammit”
  1. You know that wasn’t the first time he’s hit a woman (or anyone for that matter). Bet there’s a long rap sheet to that story.

    1. There usually is.

      From what I’ve read a very small fraction of the population is responsible for the vast majority of the crimes. Yesterday’s Bearing Arms podcast touched on that, I think.

  2. I am supposed to reject my culture and emulate that behavior because…. reasons. Seriously?

  3. Another common denominator for crime: Being high and/or drunk.

    Not everyone will do criminal stuff while inebriated, but f’d up people with a prediliction to crime will do stupid crimes.

    Our Savior knows how many times i did really stupid stuff when drunk. Thankfully I never hurt or killed anyone, but I know I hurt a lot of people’s feelings. I finally learned to control my drinking before I hurt anyone.

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