Stand Against Russian Interference of our elections!

A movement all of us can stand behind. No excuse for not keeping our elections clean, right?

This meme is already causing some nasty fights in social media. Apparently you are not allowed to use Russian Collusion against Liberals and their talking points.


3 Replies to “Stand Against Russian Interference of our elections!”

    1. From time to time commentators point out (for example in yesterday’s WSJ) that the most plausible Russian goal was to destabilize US democracy. And it’s clear they succeeded marvelously in that goal, with the (unwitting?) help of their fellow travelers in the press and the Democratic party.
      The most plausible secondary goal was to destabilize the expected Hilary presidency. Michael Mukasey argued that one quite compellingly in an op-ed about the curious timing of the “12 GRU officers” indictment, published in the WSJ last Friday or Saturday.

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