Stealing guns from cars: A preview of upcoming data

I have gone through almost a hundred videos and I think we were making assumptions not quite based on reality. As with anything else related to guns, it is not going to be a gear issue but more about mindset and training. I think the video represents the average of what I have seen and tabulated so far.

And I bet you are gonna get slightly ticked off.

Update: The hits keep coming.

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One Reply to “Stealing guns from cars: A preview of upcoming data”

  1. I suspect that many of the guns stolen from cars were in plain sight, or the vehicle was unlocked.
    I also suspect many of them were in areas already facing crime problems.
    I was visiting friends in a really nice part of LA 2 years ago; even there, people would go down the streets trying any parked car to see if it was unlocked, particularly the night before trash day since they could look for thrown out valuables at the same time.
    To me, it’s a bad, bad idea to leave guns in a car, and if you MUST, do it for as short a time as possible!

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