I keep hammering this point home because it must be understood that the goal of the Left is to sew division where ever possible as much as possible.

There were over 828,000 Union casualties during the Civil War to advance through the Confederacy and end slavery, making the celebration of Juneteenth possible.

That is part of what should be celebrated.  It is perhaps, the very first time in human history a race fought and died for another race to be free.

In the whole tribalistic history of humanity, I cannot think of another time that has happened.

But according to the Left, all white people are guilty for slavery and therefore it is a holiday they should not celebrate.

Unity is dead because they don’t want unity, they just want another group of Kulaks to blame for all their problems.

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By J. Kb

22 thoughts on “Stop making me right about Juneteenth”
  1. Labor Day is already a communist holiday.
    What I want to know is, as a descendant of multiple poor West Virginia families, who not only never owned slaves but sent their menfolk off to fight and die to free said slaves, when can I expect my ancestral reparations check from the NAACP?

    1. Yes, it’s a communist holiday. But soon it’s going to be a communist holiday spent lecturing wyt people about how they exploit the labor of BIPOC bodies, how the generational wealth of wyt people is something-something, how we must decolonialize the thingy, and dismantle the whatever… GIVE ME YOUR MONEY WHITEY!

      1. And that’s the point I trot out my freedman ancestor from Connecticut, born “about 1830,” well before slavery was abolished there, and who was so grateful that immediately post-CW, named his son (my great x3 grandfather) “Sherman Lincoln” in honor of the two Republicans he considered most responsible for his and other “coloreds'” freedom.
        It won’t shut them up, but it will make their veins pop in amusing fashion.

    1. Could not agree more. In the ages before “social” media, this woman might have said something like that, and gotten mixed signals from her friends/family. Some might think it is funny, others would say it is just stupid.

      These days, any idiotic thing anyone says is retweeted/liked/copied/etc… thousands of times, and the person saying the idiotic thing begins to believe they are correct in their thinking.

  2. (I’m not sure I should post this, but I believe it’s important.)

    Mark me, as bad as the outrage is over white people celebrating the end of slavery on “Juneteenth”, the outrage over white people continuing to celebrate “White Independence Day” on July 4th will be even worse.

    I’m predicting it here and now: There will be blood.

    I pray I’m wrong — literally praying — because I believe that would take a miracle.

    13 days and counting.


    As a friendly reminder: Be prepared to respond, but do not initiate. Do not let anyone provoke you into making the first move. Give as much prudence, grace, and leeway as you can, much more than the law requires; The Narrative [TM] says that Stand Your Ground laws, self-defense laws, and armed citizens in general are all racist and exist to shoot POCs first and ask questions later. Keep yourself and yours safe, but give them as little as possible to further that narrative. (Yes, I’m saying to retreat if you can, even if you’re not required to.) We are better than our — or their — baser instincts.

    1. Explain how well retreating has worked out for the last fifty years, please, I seemed to have missed that.

      1. You might ask the Russians, from The Great Patriotic War. Or from Napoleon’s visit.

        Today, it is information prep of the battlefield. ” He backed up, and backed up, and backed up. Only once he was cornered, then he shot them all.”

      2. As a modern political movement, retreating doesn’t work for anyone except Republican squishes (why they keep getting rewarded with re-election is something you’ll have to take up with their voters).

        But for you, personally, if you’re in a defensive situation where race may be portrayed as a factor, you want to have all the facts on your side. You want your motivations and actions to be above reproach — e.g. you sought only to defend yourself and your loved ones, you were more than reasonable, and you used the minimum amount of force available to stop the threat.

        If you’re involved in a shooting with a POC and want to maintain your freedom, you need to be unconvictable (my spell checker is griping about that word, but I think we should make it commonplace). This is where retreating can work out.

        Not with the pro-freedom movement. Just for you.

    2. Don’t go out after sundown. Don’t go to the “wrong” part of town. Celebrate the 4th with good friends only.
      Sad, but true.

  3. Juneteenth is a congressionally mandated public statement that black people are not, and never will be, Americans.

        1. Which means part of her job is to scratch the Radical Chic itch by saying really radical and uncomfortable things, so that the Enlightened white people she works for can congratulate themselves on being woke enough to take it.
          It’s a modern form of being a jester, really.

            1. Maybe a better description would be akin to the holy hermits sometimes welcomed into royal courts to scold and condemn the nobility for their sins and decadence.
              Not that the nobles would change their ways. They just felt better for having trembled at the sermon.

    1. In addition to Ish’s comment, are you sure you want to contribute financially to any place willing to employ someone like her?

      (To be clear, by “someone like her” I mean someone who hates others so thoroughly she’s willing to steal their money — up to and including financially ruining them — and make it verboten for them to celebrate anything, just to make a statement. It has nothing at all to do with the color of her skin or how she “identifies”.)

  4. And who pays England for using their Navy to stop the ocean-going slave trade? Western Civilization did not invent slavery but it did put an end to it (except for some African/muslim countries). I think reparations have been paid payed in blood long ago.

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