Twitter has revealed another exceptionally Woke US Army officer.


Lots of people are calling him “cuck” and “soy boy.”

This man is a Major, and given the last 20 years of American military history, has probably had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve that rank.

This is a high-ranking officer, with combat experience, in one of the largest and most advanced fighting forces in the history of the world who openly declares certain racial, political, and religious groups to be a “problem.”

That is an extremely serious threat.

Mocking him as a “low T, soy boy, cuck” causes those who mock him to not take seriously that this is a combat veteran who has the skills and abilities to kill them.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu

Know that this man isn’t a low T soy boy but that there is a contingent of people who have fought against insurgents in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan, who absolutely hate you, and can bring that overseas combat experience to bear against you here.


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By J. Kb

22 thoughts on “Stop with the insults and take the threat seriously”
  1. Yeah… I was thinking just this morning that the only offense of the West Point Commie was that he showed his sentiments in public and too soon.
    The institutions are well and truly corrupted.

  2. “It doesn’t mean all white straight dudes are bad.”

    Well, apparently we are, from your point of view.

    “…a combat veteran who has the skills and abilities to kill them.”

    But does he now possess the will?

  3. If anyone posted this cold level of hatred about any of the “protected classes” they’d be canceled into oblivion;

    “I don’t want to discriminate against _________. I would like to remove them from the (military, country, world). Huge difference.”

  4. Interesting that he also admits he wants to eliminate the rank and billet of Command Sergeant Major.

    The filthy rankers should know their place and not question an officer and a gentleman. Wot. Wot.

    1. I noticed that, too. I suspect he’s gotten good advice from senior NCOs in the past and took it as a personal insult.

  5. “This man is a Major, and given the last 20 years of American military history, has probably had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve that rank.”

    Citation needed, sir.

    We’ve already determined there are plenty of Blue Falcon, REMFs infesting the officer corps.

  6. There is no evidence that he has seen combat, has killed anyone or possesses the skills and strength necessary for it. People without military experience have a very wrong perception about it, the truth is that only something like 20% of the personnel actually do any combat today. Just like many normies believe that the CSI crap from TV is actually what cops amount to, but all they amount to is observed through cases like the Green River Killer.

    The guy could be motor pool or some logistics worthless retard with stolen valor for all we know, and that is likely the case. Every single member in any special forces is white, male, very straight and incredibly toxic. If stolen valor was a problem when this book was written what do you think it has become today?

    80% of the total personnel are stolen valor, 90% minorities are stolen valor, 100% women are stolen valor, 100% officers coming out of the academy are stolen valor.

    However you have a point when you say they shouldn’t be simply mocked, that’s right, they should be dealt with. But the threat isn’t this specific individual, it’s the whole so called deep state as a powerful entity with roots in every government agency and department which is going to require nation wide coordination and a lot of bad men with very bad guns putting them against walls. But we need a leader for that and there’s still no one with the will and the qualifications for it.

    1. “Terrance Avery” is a pretty unique name and I found a profile for one person by that name with quick search of LinkedIn. Looks to be about the right age and general build, so assuming that it’s the same person… Here ya go.

      It looks like Avery was an S3 in the Army and has transitioned to “Project Management” as a civilian. So he’s not that great at leading men, himself, but is very skilled at helping keep shit organized for someone who is a leader. A perfectly fine skill set and a useful one, but not exactly the kind of thing they make recruiting commercials about.

      He has earned a Combat Action Badge and an Afghanistan Campaign Medal. He was active duty 2009-18 and remains in the Reserves. If I had to guess, he’s probably not a complete “fobbit,” but hardly a “door kicker.”

      Probably hasn’t touched a rifle, outside of a firing range, since he was an O-3.

  7. “…has probably had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve that rank.”

    That is a big assumption. The actual boots on the ground combat troops are a small portion of the overall military. This guy may never have left the US in uniform. And, there is a large possibility that if he did, it was not to a combat zone. Heck, he could have been stationed in Italy, Canada, and the Philippines for all you know.

    I see the fact that he is so dismissive of everyone who is not “special” as evidence he was never in a combat zone. Generally, folks who have been shot at tend to put differences aside and come together as a team. But, there are exceptions to every rule.

    And, yes. Take the threat seriously. This individual wants to become a battalion commander, not because he wants to lead, but because he wants to remake the battalion into his own vision of what it should be. Politicians tend to do the same thing, run for office so they can make the world into what they think it should be.

    1. My reaction was similar. He might well be like Mayor Pete, who supposedly “served” in Afghanistan, but was photographed holding an rifle as if he’d never touched one in his life and didn’t particularly want to.

      In any case, while terms like “cuck” are not particularly helpful, “traitor” and “perjurer” are useful to describe what we’re actually dealing with here.

  8. I came of draft age just as Vietnam was winding down, so I wasn’t there, but there were stories at the time of a custom called “fragging” in which problem officers were permanently relieved of command in the field. I don’t know it was Rule 308, but it was similar.

    Perhaps that’s why he wants to get rid of command sergeants major? As part of trying to remove anyone that might not try to head off any possible revival of that custom.

    How’s that for obliquely worded?

  9. If every white person must take responsibility for every white racist, that would also mean that every black person is guilty of what other blacks do.

    51 percent of all murders in this country are committed by black people. Wouldn’t that mean I can generalize, too?

    1. Every white person is responsible for everything evil other white people do and everything evil that black people do is also the fault of white people.

      See, if you think black people have free will, independent agency, and personal choice you are a racist. Anti-racism means being woke to the idea that black people are incompetent automatons who only do what white people make them do. Duh.

  10. “I don’t want to discriminate against (insert favorite minority here). I just want to remove them from my neighborhood. Big difference.”

    Hmmmm, not any different from his statement. Is it?

    The opportunities for advancement in a nation that has been at war in third world shitholes since 9/11 are quite vast. I get the feeling that this twat has rarely been in a situation where he had to lead soldiers in combat.

    He’s more likely to achieve his rank because of networking.
    It’s not what you know, but who you know.

  11. We take the threat seriously and even if this fellow isn’t a body stacking trigger puller he’s in command and influence of those who are and worse has a say over retention.

    That does not mean he is not capable of leading trigger pullers foreign or domestic or that he is not a tiger at our backs.

    No matter this fellows experience or qualifications he is a cancer in an institution we normally hold sacrosanct who has used the respect previously given to it to elevate itself above reproach.

    Open communists and racists graduating our military academies, active duty violent racially supremacist troops who are in just for the training never mind the ones who are in bidding their time waiting for the call to start stomping in patriot faces.

    Antifa and BLM having two years now of soft revolution out in the open while we can’t get a hard yes from ten people for a 2nd amendment rally or city council show. We have communists who have gone overseas to fight with militias bring back guerilla tactics, explosives training, and per some friends reports even weapons and materials thanks to sympathetic parties.

    1. Bad Dancer, precisely. But they are none of them bullet proof despite the training. Threats yes, invincible, no.

  12. Wrong! He does not have the skills to kill you. After becoming a field grade, he’s just a staff weenie REMF. Officers rarely get trigger time no matter what patches they may have, i.e., Ranger, SF. The guy you have to worry about is the former E-5 that has a full house of patch work and tin. He is indeed, a soy boy. Probably uses the Range Pen and turns in his own AFPT card.

  13. Related: read Matthew Lohmeier book “Irresistible Revolution” that just came out.He details how CRT has Marxism at it’s core ( as we all know), and how it is pushed in the military. He is an active duty Lt. Col. In the Space Force and an Air Force Academy graduate.
    He was relieved of command for speaking out.
    It’s a must-read book, with lots of background and a ton of references.
    Well-written, and articulate.
    Buy two copies, and share.

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