The radical front of the anti-gun movement is not new to the practice of doxxing gun owners.

A decade ago, a newspaper in New York published the private information of all the NYC Pistol Permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Other news outlets have done similar.

From Outdoor Life:

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn., published a similar database in 2011. The Roanoke Times published lists of handgun permitees as early as 2007. The New York Times’ occasionally publishes the names of those with New York City concealed carry permits.

Just last year, the Associated Press demanded, and received, the names of the approximately 1.3 million Illinois residents whom the Illinois State Police have deemed “qualified” to own guns.

The bullshit justification that these news outlets use is that it is of public interest for people to know which of their neighbors are a threat.

Except that all of the data shows that people who get gun permits are one of the most law abiding demographics in thr country.  People who submit themselves for training abd background checks are not committing gun crimes.

This a public shaming and intimidation tactic.

Now Students Demand Action is doing the same to FFLs.

Screen grab for posterity if the Tweet gets deleted.


These people are often referred to as Kitchen Table Dealers.

With the rise of websites like Gunbroker and Guns America, these people mostly deal online and process transfers.

These are people who went through the rigorous process of getting an FFL from the ATF.

Students Demand Action wants you to believe that these people make your neighborhoods more dangerous.  There us no evidence for that at all.

This has nothing to do with gun safety.

They want the neighborhood anti-gun busy body harass their nearby FFL just to be a bitch.

If anything, this will promote crime by giving criminals an idea of which homes to target for theft.

Students Demand Action are anti-gun Child Heroes, out to harm law abiding people to advance their ideology.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Studens Demand Action are Doxxing FFLs”
  1. If I had a machine shop to make firearms, and an FFL, and that were published, I’d have no peace.
    The neighbors would be over all the time – two of them are bigger gun nuts than I am.

  2. Instead of concentrating on actual criminals these morond go after legitimate Americans because they think we are the threat….. meanwhile We the People continue to set NICS records… every one around me knows I have guns and they leave me alone…

  3. “Your neighbor could be manufacturing and selling guns out of their home and you wouldn’t even know it.”
    OK, so if a neighbor was in fact manufacturing or selling guns from their home, and I could not tell, that means they are doing it in a law abiding and responsible manner.
    Where is the problem?

  4. Every time this tactic was used, it got shut down by replying in kind.
    Create a database of addresses of Everytown/Moms Demand activists and suddenly they will come to Jesus about privacy concerns.

    1. I respectfully disagree. They whine and complain about how it’s not fair to doxx them, they’re the good guys! I don’t think they ever internalize or even generalize the lesson.

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