Suspect shot, killed in failed robbery attempt in McDonald’s drive-thru. (I’m lovin’ it!)


LEAGUE CITY, Texas – A suspect was shot and killed during a failed robbery attempt in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s Saturday afternoon, according to police. Around 2 p.m. the male suspect approached a man and his young child in the drive-thru of the fast food restaurant located at 102 South State Highway 3.League City police say the suspect held the man at gunpoint and was attempting to rob him.During the altercation, the driver shot the suspect multiple times, hitting him in the chest. The suspect was transported to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased…

…Police said the driver involved is licensed to carry a handgun and has been fully cooperative with the investigation.

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Years ago, we had a rash of drive-thru robberies in Miami and a couple ended with the death of the driver. It is safe to say that my level of awareness raises whenever I am using that service, but eventually you will need to concentrate on the business you came to do.  That means your field of vision is narrowed to a couple of feet and you can become a target.

Walt Rauch said (according to one Michael Bane) that the fastest way to get to your gun is to have it in your hand… or something like that. This is true, specially in cases like this because you are reacting to the attack and if you can shave off a second or two, you may be able to give the bad guy a surprise. The problem becomes how to keep the gun in your hand without displaying it and end up with a charge of brandishing.

So let’s make this post an informative one. If you have a solution or a technique you want to share, please do so in the comments. Links to pics will be accepted and I will make sure they display.


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  1. Before I reach the drive-thru I place my piece inside the driver’s door pocket on my left side with the grip facing fwd so that I can reach it easily with my right (strong side) hand. That way it’s concealed from the take-out window and from pretty much anyone but me, but still readily available to me should I need it. Then after I leave the window it goes back in the center console to be “legal”.

  2. I ALMOST got carjacked at a fast food place one time, and it was absolute dumb luck that saved me.

    I had already ordered, and came around the building to find a cart of bread trays in my way. I got out of my blacked out excursion and moved the cart back to the walled off area it appeared to come from.

    I was open-carrying my glock with a weapon light, so I have this giant farking holster hanging off my side. When I enter the area, I see two guys crouching in the corner smoking, now gaping at my holster.

    Thinking they are lazy employees who let the bread cart roll into the drive thru lane on accident, I smiled and said “have a good night, fellas” just in time to hear tactical dog, who was waiting for me in the excursion, LOSE HER EVERLOVING MIND. I go back to the car and see a third guy running very quickly in the opposite direction.

    It took me a good 10 minutes to put it all together. I still don’t KNOW I was about to get robbed, but it seems pretty likely.

    Pretty sure that was the last time I went through a drive thru.

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