Swalwell impugned the character of thousands of good Americans, again

Remember Representative Eric Swalwell?

He was the Member of the House of Representatives from California who said the Second Amendment was no longer useful as a bulwark against tyranny because the US Government could nuke American citizens.

So he’s back at it with his anti-gun bullshit on Twitter.

If you read the actual article from CNN, it turns out that speed limit technology being added to new Volvos is being mandated by the EU.  Essentially, in Europe, they want to make it so that the car cannot exceed the speed limit posted on the road using RF technology or something similar.  So it’s a lot less Volvo being responsible as much as Volvo doing what they have to, to keep selling cars in Europe.

Most of the critical comments in the thread point out that owning cars is not a right, like guns are.  Which is true.

Others point out that most people don’t go 112 or even 150, which is also true.  Data from NHTSA and the IIHS show that most speeding is around 10 MPH over the limit.  So what gets people killed in high speed accidents is going 70 in a 60 zone, not 140.  I’ve driven in the HOV lane of I-95 in Miami and even on that death trap, the highest speed most people go is about 90 MPH.

I’m not going to waste a lot of time even trying to refute the “What if they recognized assault weapons have no useful role in our communities and stopped making them?”  When a group of three or five people break into your home armed with the intent to do you harm, it’s not up to Swalwell to tell you what kind of weapon or how many rounds you can have to defend yourself.  Double that when a race riot brakes out in your city and you find yourself on top of your roof watching everything you worked your entire life for get looted and burned.


What pissed me off to no end was this part of his Tweet: “Don’t they have a conscience? Or are they motivated purely by greed?”

The late Charles Kruthammer famously said:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

You see this again and again, when Liberals try to ascribe motivation to Conservatives, they assume what motivates us is maliciousness.

This is part of the healthcare debate.  Often those on the Left say that the reason Conservatives don’t support universal healthcare is that they (Conservatives) hate the poor or want people to die of disease or simply don’t want people to go see a doctor.  Clearly (to the Left) the reason that Conservatives don’t want to spend $32 Trillion dollars on bureaucratic healthcare is that we are mean people.

Congressman Swalwell is doing the same exact thing here with guns.

He hates guns.  So those people who make guns must do it for no reason than they are immoral people, devoid of a conscience, who simply want to make money, no matter how many die as a result.

The defense contracting community is a small one.  You get to know a lot of people.

I have friends and drinking buddies who are or have been with Remington, Taurus, Beretta, SIG, Smith & Wesson, FN USA, and Knights Armament.  They are all wonderful people.  They have families, husbands or wives, kids, dogs, people they care about and care about them.  They are all patriots who love their jobs.  A few of them are veterans who served this country with honor.

Those who work for gun makers that sell to law enforcement or the military have a sense of duty as well.  It’s a feeling that we make what our service members do possible.  Without the best weapons and equipment, our war fighters would not be as effective as they are, and if we fail them in doing our best, some of them might not come home alive.

Yet according to Swalwell, each and every one of my friends who worked or works for one of these companies is a bad person who lacks a conscience and is just making baby killers for money.

Considering that Swalwell is very pro-abortion, has been endorsed by NARAL, and rushed to the defense of Planned Parenthood when they were caught on video admitting to selling aborted babies for money, that’s a hell of a position for him to take.

He’s never met a gun maker, doesn’t understand what motivates them, and honestly, he doesn’t want to.

It’s easier for his world view for them to be faceless evil, much like the billionaires or CEO’s, or any other group he disagrees with, so it he can attack and scapegoat them for all the problems in the world.

I would weigh the hearts of my gun maker buddies against that of Swalwell’s any day of the week and and 100% sure would find Swalwell’s lacking.

He really is a piece of shit.

6 Replies to “Swalwell impugned the character of thousands of good Americans, again”

  1. True story: A man who lived on high ground weathered Katrina with his girlfriend. They were going to stay in town, but after a night of yelling and banging on doors in their apartment building, they decided to bug out. The local radio said everything was OK, but friends called them long-distance on their land line and told them the horrible truth based on TV video. So, early the next morning he went to the parking garage where he had stashed his car. The iron gate had been busted open, but his car was on the top tier, and the thieves hadn’t got there yet, to his relief. On the way back to the apartment, he saw two policemen looting a tennis shoe store and laughing. He parked in front of his apartment, went upstairs, got his AK and strapped it on, and prepared to stand guard while his girl carried down a few necessities. When he went downstairs, after only a couple of minutes, he found six or seven men around his car. He shouted at them, but they showed no fear as they turned to look at him. BUT, the sight of the AK, and the man who was holding it, made them all depart forthwith. He later said that he believed that one or more may have been armed with pistols, and might have been ready to shoot him for the gas in his car. Apparently, they did not want to engage a man with a modern sporting rifle. Who needs a rifle? In this case, it probably made all the difference.

  2. Look at what the sick man wrote! HE dont like guns…. America should change just to make him happy….. how about we just ignore him and live our lifes. We the People have proven again and again these morons are not living in our world. America is waking up.

  3. Another Joseph gobbels, keep telling the same lie over and over and it becomes the truth.he is just one of the Dems that keep lying about guns all the time

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