The 2020 Oscars drew 23.6 million total viewers on ABC, down a whopping 6 million TV viewers, or minus 20% from last year. Like 2019, Sunday’s Academy Awards went host-less.
That move didn’t work out this time around, but the mix of movies may have been an even bigger problem.
In the key demographic, adults 18-49, the year to year drop-off was even steeper than the all-in decline. Last night’s show received a 5.3 rating in the demo, according to Nielsen, down 31% from the prior Oscars and to a new record low.

Oscars Lose 6 Million Viewers From Last Year, Set New All-Time Lows in Ratings

You turn on the TV for the Oscars and get to watch this:

You switch to reruns of NCIS in USA Network on the double. Dancing Monkeys slinging poo at everybody from their faux pedestal is not something regular folks cater to watch.

And if only Hollywood was making good movies, but even that had to be imported from the Far east this year.



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