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Gun-loving Swiss asked to toughen laws or risk EU tension

I don’t have to read any more than that to say, fuck the EU.

That’s a general principle, by the way.  Fuck the EU.

Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but is part of the Schengen open-border treaty.

After the 2015 Paris attacks in which 130 people died, the EU issued Schengen members with new restrictions on automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

And just how many of the guns used in the Paris attack came from Switzerland?


They were smuggled in from the Middle East.  Do you know how we all know that?  They were AK-47’s and not SIG SG 550s’.

The EU hopes the rules will help police in Schengen countries.

Exactly how?

That’s right, I won’t.  It will only restrict the last remaining gun rights in the Europeans states that still have them.

These states now work together and share information on a daily basis, to establish where weapons used in crimes came from.

Where they came from is the Middle East and North Africa in the backpacks and suitcases of Islamic refugees from war-torn countries.

Sweden is having a problem with grenade attacks.   Grenades.  Those are not being brought in from Switzerland.  Those are coming in from Syria and Iraq on foot through Turkey.

But the proposals have raised hackles in Switzerland, which has a long, and for many Swiss, proud tradition of gun ownership. After Swiss men complete their obligatory military service, they are permitted to keep their assault rifles.

There are gun clubs in every town and village, and target-shooting is a hugely popular sport.

The Swiss have contributed nothing to the terrorism in Europe, which has gone up 725% in the last 10 years.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but the two nations in Europe with the most permissive gun laws and strongest Nationalist culture, the Swiss and the Czech, are the two have had no Islamic terrorist attacks.

Swiss law does require gun owners to have a permit, but getting one is relatively easy.

Easy by European standards.

Support for this relaxed approach is, says Beat Bösiger, a farmer and parliamentary candidate for the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, all based on government trust in gun owners, and the responsibility of the gun owners themselves.

“There is no reason for these new laws,” he said. “It would be a breach of trust. We Swiss, we know how to handle weapons.”

Mr Bösiger has a point. Despite the millions of weapons in homes across Switzerland, the overall crime rate is low.

Gun crime is higher in Switzerland’s neighbours. Nevertheless, there are some indicators that easy access to weapons is not entirely positive for Switzerland.

Prove the guns came from Switzerland and then maybe there is something to talk about.  Considering that it is easier for a terrorist to get on a train, go to Turkey, walk into an open arms market, buy an Iraqi AK, and get back on the train and go to Paris than it is to buy an SG 550 in Switzerland is an important consideration

“The new restrictions are not about destroying Swiss tradition or culture,” insisted Ronja Jansen of pro-disarmament group Switzerland without an Army.

“It’s about bringing Switzerland to a safer place, where there is not as much gun violence as there is now. There are a lot of guns in Switzerland in private homes, and that is a real problem.”

No, Switzerland has a very low crime rate.

Just look at London.  There have been so many stabbing in that city, that you have to be 21 to buy a box of plasticware.  The police are confiscating spoons.

That hasn’t reduced the crime one iota.

It’s not that the EU is worried about crime, it’s that the EU hates any whiff of freedom.  The EU is picking on the Swiss because they have guns, that’s it.

And I feel the pain of the Swiss.  This is the same motivation that causes politicians in New York and California to attack Texas and Alabama (and elsewhere) for their gun rights.

They will never live here.  They may visit us one as tourists.  But the knowledge that we have a right that they don’t like means that they are going use everything in their power to snuff it out.

Gun control is statist cancer that metastasises and spreads, killing civil rights wherever it grows.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Switzerland, I feel your pain”
  1. The Swiss have a long history of saying F* you to the rest of Europe. They said F* you to the Hapsburgs, Napoleon, Imperial Germany, Mussolini and the Nazis. In all of those cases, the armed Swiss citizenry made sure any aggressors knew they were ready, willing and able to inflict unacceptable casualties on anyone with the temerity to invade Swiss soil. The Swiss got so good at killing their enemies, that the Vatican continues to hire Swiss mercenaries to guard the Popes.

    As an aside, “Switzerland without an Army” would be known as Germany.

    1. That name “Ronja Jansen” sure doesn’t look very Swiss at all. The last name looks Dutch, the first name isn’t anything I can place.
      Seems like imported Astroturf.

  2. Maybe it is a coincidence, but the two nations in Europe with the most permissive gun laws and strongest Nationalist culture, the Swiss and the Czech, are the two have had no Islamic terrorist attacks.

    It’s no coincidence.

    But we all know the end goal of Socialism is to share the misery “equally” (the Party leaders will never suffer, but everyone else will). The Swiss and Czechs have not had any terrorist attacks, and their relatively lax gun laws are a major factor. We as freedom-respecting Americans look at that and applaud it.

    The Socialists in Brussels look at that and say, “Nope, that has got to go.”

    It’s just not fair, you see. It’s not fair that France and Sweden have suffered terrorist attacks and Switzerland and the Czech Republic have not. The Swiss and Czechs aren’t sacrificing their fair share (of citizens’ lives) on the alter of Ba’al diversity, and must therefore be punished. Nobody is allowed to have it any better than anyone else.

    It’s not now and has never been about safety. And Ronja Jansen is just like any other controller, willing to destroy her country’s culture to “fix” a non-problem like already-low crime rates.

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