Tactical Gremlins

I posted this over Melody Lauer’s FB page, and seeing it was decent, I figured I should share it with you guys:

In the car of every gun owner lives a Tactical Gremlin. It is a creature that has as duty to stash small gun items in the nooks and crevices of the car and in such manner that you will not find it after a deep and complete search, but the guy vacuuming the inside of the car in the car wash will.
And they are a communicating network of gremlins, otherwise how you explain the .357 SIG and 45-70 brass found in the trunk of your car….when you don’t own guns in those calibers?
And yes, they took your custom era plugs too.

And that is the reason why a Gun Owner, specially those who regularly shoot, can ever take their vehicles across the border. That cop checking you out used to be the guy vacuuming at the car wash.

One Reply to “Tactical Gremlins”

  1. The gremlins are real. They hid a pair of scope turret covers in my truck for a week. I drive back to the range in the dead of night to search with a spotlight just to make sure I didn’t leave them there. If figured they were gone for good. As soon as I broke down and ordered the replacements, they old ones turned up on the back seat of the truck.

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