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14 thoughts on “Tactical ninja issues haircut.”
  1. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes
    Don’t do Stupid sh*t,
    with stupid people,
    in stupid places,
    at stupid times
    You WILL live longer

    1. @Joe: “Play stupid games…”

      I wouldn’t call this a stupid game. It’s more like a game that was played stupidly.

      I took a live-fire class where we practiced covering and communicating and none of us ended up with any extra holes. Maybe it was because we were properly instructed and monitored.

      1. I’m not tacti cool nor am I an instructor. Just spent to much time with people that had been there and done that and had scars to show for it.

        In general, the doctrine is move and fire, or shoot and scoot.

        The goal is communications and movement in a particular way. If you are in a situation where you are advancing without cover, like these dude are, then “rolling off the back of your partner” seems to offer no tactical advantage.

        Did the guy rolling back get more information than the the guy already back there? Did they move in any meaningful way?

        Certainly doesn’t seem that way to me.

        There are situation where you need to move through a hostile environment where you need 360 coverage. Using communications to bring the rear person forward. Moving as a team in physical contact with each other. All good things that you can practice.

        But there are movement drills that can accomplish most of these things without any fancy dance moves.

        I believe that is the gist, not that there aren’t drills for moving while taking fire or for supplying covering fire or a host of other things. It is the dance move of rolling over your partner’s back.

        1. @Therefore: Good points. I was just being concise—they didn’t get good instruction or they didn’t understand the goal of the drill.

    1. Blanks, hell, they should’ve been using cap guns or dummies. They DEFINITELY didn’t seem to be synced up from the way they were lumbering around each other.

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