General Hoplophobia

Hoplophobic Broad 20 questions Meme.

And we now have the Hoplophobic Broad 20 questions Meme. I got this from The Ultimate Answer To Kings. Let’s be nice, answer her questions and post the link of your answers in her blog.

  1. Do you believe that criminals and domestic abusers should be able to buy guns without background checks?
  2. I thought it was forbidden! Are you telling me that all those laws in the books are failing miserably?

  3. What is your proposal for keeping guns away from criminals, domestic abusers, terrorists and dangerously mentally ill people?
  4. First, we locate them, then we make them wear special labels in their clothing so they are easy to identify. I would say a yellow star, pink triangle or something like that.

  5. Do you believe that a background check infringes on your constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”?
  6. Yes. What other Constitutional right do you know requires a background check to exercise?

  7. Do you believe that I and people with whom I work intend to ban your guns?
  8. Yes.

  9. If yes to #4, how do you think that could happen ( I mean the physical action)?
  10. Could happen? How about it happened already. Gun Grab in New Orleans after Katrina rings a bell?

  11. What do you think are the “second amendment remedies” that the tea party GOP candidate for Senate in Nevada( Sharron Angle) has proposed?
  12. No idea, I concentrate in Florida candidates.

  13. Do you believe in the notion that if you don’t like what someone is doing or saying, second amendment remedies should be applied?
  14. Do those remedies work as good as Advil?

  15. Do you believe it is O.K. to call people with whom you disagree liars and demeaning names?
  16. If they are lying, of course!

  17. If yes to #8, would you do it in a public place to the person’s face?
  18. Are they less of a liar in public?

  19. Do you believe that any gun law will take away your constitutional rights?
  20. Anybody asking this question makes me suspicious. What do you have in mind?

  21. Do you believe in current gun laws? Do you think they are being enforced? If not, explain.
  22. You keep saying “believe” as substitute for opinion. Why is that?

  23. Do you believe that all law-abiding citizens are careful with their guns and would never shoot anybody?
  24. Yes they are careful and I hope if they use their firearm against a criminal, they do it to defend innocent lives, yours included.

  25. Do you believe that people who commit suicide with a gun should be included in the gun statistics?
  26. No.

  27. Do you believe that accidental gun deaths should “count” in the total numbers?
  28. Yes.

  29. Do you believe that sometimes guns, in careless use or an accident, can shoot a bullet without the owner or holder of the gun pulling the trigger?
  30. Not since the 60’s. Firearm designs have come a long way in the last 50 years. And if you are trying to bring about the “Guns are unsafe, they should be tightly regulated” scheme, the State of California is not helping you much with their “Drop Test.” So far all the guns they have checked for “safety” have passed with flying colors.

  31. Do you believe that 30,000 gun deaths a year is too many?
  32. Including the suicides in the number, aren’t you? Sneaky…..

  33. How will you help to prevent more shootings in this country?
  34. By making sure criminals realize that violence begets violence.That means I will encourage people to defend themselves by any means including a firearm.

  35. Do you believe the articles that I have posted about actual shootings or do you think I am making them up or that human interest stories about events that have happened should not count when I blog about gun injuries and deaths?
  36. I don’t know, are you posting fake articles? If so, Why would you? If you believe in the righteousness of you cause, you shouldn’t be lying…. or changing the story to give it a specific connotation that favors your point of view.

  37. There has been some discussion of the role of the ATF here. Do you believe the ATF wants your guns and wants to harass you personally? If so, provide examples ( some have written a few that need to be further examined).
  38. Unfortunately the ATF is not only disliked by Law Abiding Gun Owners but by most other Federal Law Law Enforcement Agents. It needs to either be discarded and its function taken over by the FBI or disposed of altogether. You cannot have confidence in an agency that makes & changes rules as they please but actually were deluded enough to classify shoelaces, paper clips and crazy glue as parts to make a machine gun.

  39. Will you continue a reasonable discussion towards an end that might lead somewhere or is this an exercise in futility?
  40. The end is simple: Stop screwing around with the Constitution. No other right has been so assailed as the Second Amendment. The worst criminal out there is presumed innocent and will be given all the benefits of the law but a gun owner that defends his or her life is immediately branded as gunslinger or vigilante. Your people will literally shit in their pants if when going to a store, a full background check is demanded to buy a computer, a notebook or carded to see if is old enough to buy a pencil. And please do not say that a computer is less dangerous than a gun. Michael Isikoff in 2005 wrote an unsubstantiated report about guards at Guantanamo flushing the Koran down the toilet in front of the peace-loving-falsely-detained-imported inhabitants of the camp. After publishing the story, riots broke out in Pakistan and between 15 to 30 people died (Numbers vary according to sources) and yet nobody said anything bad about Newsweek or Isikoff. Other than Newsweek offering an “Ooops, My Bad!” apology no action was taken. Any other individual grabs a gun and kills 15 people would make the news and people like you would demand that he be sent to jail for the rest of his natural life. Mr. Isikoff however is walking free and nobody in your camp is even bothered by the fact.

Sometimes one wonders if they are worth saving.

Hissy fits across San Francisco because the last gun store is re-opening for business. Is this a source of illegal weapons? No. A dangerous place to have in a neighborhood? No. Some lone redneck opening a brand new stroe? Nope. The store has been at the same address for 50 years.

The problem is just plain hoplophobia with a good measure of fake intellectual superiority.

Still, the Northwest Bernal Alliance and three other local groups are urging authorities to deny a permit to High Bridge Arms gun store on Mission Street after a brief closure because its members don’t want such a place “near our homes and/or schools.”

Officially, the organizations are not opposed to people owning guns, Alliance member Jaime Ross told me. They’d just “rather have something the neighborhood could enjoy – a laundry or wine and cheese shop.”

Really, why do we even bother with fruitcake city? They do have a right to be highly stupid and they exercise it well.

An Idiot showed up.

Today at work shortly before the end of the shift, I was enjoying the latest SWAT Magazine issue and in particular an article by Rob Sloyer about setting up rifle matches when a coworker walked by and asked me what was I reading. I did not reply but just showed him the cover of the magazine… and it happen.

Idiot: (chuckle, chuckle) “Are you one of those Gun Lovers?” (chuckle)

Me: “I do not love inanimate objects, only living things. How about you? Do you love a particular piece of equipment?”

Idiot: “Uhh…. (blank stare)

Me: “Dude, go away.”

Hoplophobes and Gun Haters (yes, they are haters of inanimate objects) seem to still be stuck with the notion that Gun People are inbred rednecks, schtumping their sisters, chugging beer and watching wrestling. And I know that Idiot saw me that way even though I am a Hispanic, only child that does not drink alcohol and falls asleep at the mention of Wrestlemania.

And we supposedly are the prejudiced ones.

UK Follies: Philip Clarkson Webb.

Behold the criminal! Ladies and gentlemen I present you Philip Clarkson Webb, criminal extraordinaire according to UK’s Kent Police. The 78-year-old retired teacher was walking one day when he was suddenly surrounded by Kent Police who demanded that he turned in a “dangerous weapon” in his possession. Was Mr. Webb carrying an dangerous AK 47? Perhaps a dreaded Street Sweeper shotgun? A high capacity semi automatic pistol? Dirty Harry’s .44 magnum? Nope. He was carrying his walking stick, a 3 foot long piece of wood that seniors sometime use to aide themselves while waking.

According to MailOnline, there was a climate camp environmental demonstration in the area and police were vigilant of possible activist. Mr. Webb clearly looks like one (insert snicker here) so police approached him, took away his “dangerous weapon” and left him limping to his own devices. They were polite enough to give him a receipt for the cane but when Mr. Webb went to the station to return it, the walking stick was nowhere to be found thus adding insult to injury.

This is a sad comentary on UK’s Nanny State and fear of just about anything. It also tell us much about the failed results of Gun Control proponents on reducing violence through a gun-less society: a bigger restriction or downright elimintation of our rights anf freedoms. I am sure that police saw as “reasonable” relieving Mr. Webb of his “weapon” and that is why when you hear any politician claim he or she is in favor of “reasonable” gun control, you should stock up in ammo, hide your weapons and vote for the person who would unseat that clown and respect our Bill of Rights.