Marco Rubio

Conceited in defeat.

In the Biblio Facial Social Network, the cries of desperation over the November Massacre were at full swing. A selected/anointed Floridians were condemning The People for attending voting and doing it not for those that they should have according to them. The ever-present tea-bagger pejorative was quickly thrown into the mix with the inevitable “I am moving out of here” for good measure (And they never move, damn it!) One particular lady wrote:

Well, America has embraced racism, extremism and anti-intellectualism. What a proud day.

Till this post, I had chose to remain silent, but it ticked me off so I riposted:

Yep.. Marco Rubio is the Grand Dragon for the Hialeah Klavern. I seen him wearing the bedsheets and everything. They were a floral pattern that didn’t quite had the same frightening effect, but it did the job. And i swear I saw him setting crosses on fire with that Neo nazi Allen West.

And that is why you lost, ladies and gentlemen. The racism is on your side. Pretty much who I see complaining are a bunch of white Anglos accusing everybody who does not fit their narrative of being racist, extremist and anti intellectuals. There was no room for healthy debate with your side because you do not believe in debate. People got tired and voted your side out.
The bedsheets are hanging on your backyard after all.

They never got it and still don’t. The People spoke loud and said no to what this Democratic Leadership was doing. They hate the fact that we had the ability to frustrate their “best intentions” for us and their madness is such that they see black people or brown people that do not bow to their “intellect” as white Klukers. Voluntary political blindness is so pitiful

Some things are better left unsaid.

Truth be told I had no ill will against Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist. I think that although he didn’t do too well for Florida, he did not screw up the pooch too much either. I know his George Hamilton looks makes him kind of creepy, but I can live with it.  He did lose some points with me when he “embraced” too quickly the Obama federal handout instead of cleaning house and tightening the belt in-house.

My mother is fond to say that “La Lengua es el castigo del cuerpo” or loosely translated: The Tongue will punish the Body which in the Spanish folklore means your unchecked mouth will always get you in trouble. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Governor Crist accused his contender for the US Senate Marco Rubio of waxing his back. That Rubio allegedly did this (or was it a $130 haircut) by using a Republican Party of Florida credit card already brought some criticism to Crist when he wouldn’t cough up how he got his hands into the credit card record and didn’t care if it was obtained legally.

Marco Rubio is not only ahead in the polls for the Senate seat but way way ahead. I don’t care how cool cucumber you wanna appear, the Crist campaign is sweating bullets. But unfortunately Governor Crist shivving (or shaving) Rubio in the back is a rather distasteful and cheap shot.  I have not examined Marco Rubio’s stand on anything so I can’t say that I will vote for him, but Governor Crist may not want to wait for my vote anytime soon.

Shut the hell up next time.