Anti Government? And you say that like it is a bad thing.

One of our local TV stations ran one of the hard hitting  “ZOMG! We are all gonna die!” pieces on the alleged resurgence of Anti Government forces, also known as Militias. Of course they had already dedicated part of their broadcast to the possible butt flaying that the Democrats will more than likely going to get in Congress by the end of business today.

I could not help but laugh at the fact that We The People are voting Anti Government today and these Media Morons have not figured it out yet.

BREAKING NEWS: The Militia is out in full force! They are using the Ballot Box to advance their Anti Government Agendas! Run For Your Lives!

Maybe we should pass a law against voting seeing that it could be used to “destroy” the Government. “If it only saves one lazy ass bastard, over spender, tax raising incumbent’s job, it will be worth it!”

It is not paranoia if there is proof.

Security exercise at Ft Knox targets the Tea Party. “Them peoples are dangerous!”

Ft. Knox requested that the memo containing the instructions of the exercise be removed from Mark Alexander’s blog and he politely complied. But the problem with the internet is that many people will make copies and keep them.  Something about Free Speech and the need to be informed, that pesky First Amendment! Somebody kept a copy and then somebody else made a copy and so on and so forth till I landed one.