Obama Health Care Bill

Like pearls before swine flu.

Forty Million doses of the swine vaccine have expired and they are to be incinerated. Cost to the taxpayer: $260 million.  And there are 30 million more that will also go to waste later this year for a great total of 43% of all the vaccines produced for another Chicken Little Epidemic.

And, of course I must trust the Government taking care of the whole Health Care thingy.


Explain this to me.

Liberals consider that the life of a criminal convicted of a heinous crime is too precious and that he should spend the rest of his life being fed, clothed, housed and his health paid by our taxes instead of being executed. Yet the life of a law abiding, tax-paying senior citizen who was an example to the community, raised a family and built the American Dream can be disposed of if the computations of a bureaucrat indicate that it is not worth the money to extend his or her life under the provisions of the new Health Care Bill now being proposed in Congress.

Have politicians in Washington taken leave of their senses?