By awa

6 thoughts on “Technology Advances: Photos of Pluto”
  1. I always found it frustrating how nasa would release photos of the moon and they looked like Poloride insta photos taken thru a dirty window… I used to wonder what they were hiding..

  2. And, they still cannot get a clear image off a security camera that is 10 feet away from a suspect…

    1. Speaking as an owner of security cameras, you get what you pay for (cheapest versus good enough versus quality), you get what you don’t maintain.

    2. I think a lot of security cameras are 20 years old. Today’s cameras will do HD and some reasonable approximation of full motion video, but some old ones take a grainy highly compressed picture every 10 seconds or so, because they were implemented in the days of 100 MB hard drives rather than 64 GB SD cards.

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