For decades the understood number of LGBT people was about 4% of the population.

Actual transgender individuals were around 0.02%.

Then two things happened, the rise of identity politics and victim culture, and along with that the creation of micro-sexualities.

As a result, we have created this social contagion monster.

Individual LGBT people are Individuals.  They may be good or bad, decent or scumbags, personable or misanthropic.  All people should be treated as such.

This however shows the problem of collectivism and identity politics.

We went from 4% to 40% LGBT in a generation, a generation that grew up and came of age on social media I should point out.

The thing that worries me is that this will mess these kids up (if it already hasn’t) and they will be permanently emotionally, and possibly physically, damaged.

Building an identity around your sexual proclivities and then trying to get victim status for it is unhealthy, but that’s where we are.

A society interested in its own success and self preservation would stamp this out overnight.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Tell me it’s a social contagion without telling me it’s a social contagion”
  1. It’s attention-seeking and boundary-testing. There’s also, apparently, a fad to get committed for observation.

    Kids want their parents to pay attention and set boundaries. Too many aren’t, so the kids come up with ways to get attention.

  2. Let’s see what percentage of that “39% of 18-24 year olds” actually carry through with anything that is not 100% heterosexual.

    People crave attention. People crave acceptance. Teenagers especially. Think back, how many of us, during our 18-24 years actually bucked the trends? How many went against the crowd? Not many.

    Right now, identity politics are cool. Claiming some nebulous gender, and dressing up weird is cool. Of course 18-24 year olds are “LBGTQWERTY” I might be if I was that age today. However, I guarantee you I had zero interest in guys. When Ellen came out there were tons of girls who decided they were lesbians. I had a niece that did. It was the cool thing to do. She decided, rather quickly that she was not a lesbian when she found out what that really meant.

    And, I am sure most of this 39% will do the same soon enough.

    I just wish the media (social and news) would stop pushing it.

  3. Short answer? No, they won’t overcome the mental & emotional damage without a Hurculean effort on their part, if it all. Plenty of data is out there to indicate that children who are sexually abused have serious, persisent, & lifelong problems forming normal, healthy relationships with pretty much everyone. The open secret of gay & lesbian culture is that grooming children & teenagers is an integral part of that community & lifestyle (see any reference to the “daddy” in gay culture). See posts here & elsewhere regarding the San Francisco men’s chior singing about “converting” our children.
    Most “transgender” people are in similar circumstances. They’re either claiming to be transgender for increased social status or they’ve chosen the least productive & least healthy way of dealing with abuse or rape.

  4. I think the last sentence has the explanation. The people pushing this are opposed to the success and preservation of our society.

  5. Heck, I lost count of how many gals I know that are in a committed relationship with a cis/het male who still claims to be some flavor of LGTBQ+. In my outside view it’s just a bunch of people with the basic ass white girl blues who want some of that oppression clout.

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