Actual science: “COVID is a highly communicable, airborne virus, like the flu or common cold, you can do your best to avoid it but eventually you’re gonna catch it.  That’s the nature of highly communicable airborne viruses.”

COVID theater sciencism: “COVID is a disease that only bad people get if they don’t socially distance, mask, vaccinate and booster, and otherwise comply with every government bureacracy mandate.  If you catch it you should feel ashamed because it means you are not as good of a person as you think you are.”

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Tell me that COVID theater is a morality play and only those filthy deplorables catch it without telling me COVID theater has become a morality play”
  1. I wonder about that “Dr.” prefix. Doctor of what? Intersectional basketweaving? Certainly those tweets are not the product of a person with a functioning brain.

  2. So, up until Jhiao Bribem’s “vaccine” mandate, I was unvaccinated. Since I do not, presently, have “FOAD” money, and enjoy sleeping indoors, and eating every day, I got “vaccinated”.

    So far, only two of us, both at that time not vaxed, in our Covid clinic, have NOT caught The CCP Flu: me, and this one nurse.

    I am not a doctor: I’m a mid-level, so I “play” a doctor.


  3. Remember way back when in the dark ages of early 2020 that the justification to lock down the country for ’15 days’ was that everyone was going to get it so we needed to ‘flatten the curve’?

    People saying that it was going to never end and lead to gov’t mandated vaccinations etc were call ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘nutcases’ wanting to kill grandma.

    Now there’s segments of society mentally masturbating at the thought of boosters and how they’re ‘righteous’ for getting their passports.

  4. I have not changed my habits 1 iota since jan 2020. I take vitamins and stuff for health. Im out in the world 5 days a week in a big box store. I sorta wear a mask(most of the time its around my neck) I dont use “hand sanitizer “ every 8 seconds. I think these vaxed koolaide drinkers use anti bacterial this and sanitizer that every 2 n a half seconds then wonder why they sick. And so far in my world ALL the ones catching it are VAXED

  5. At some point, everyone is going to get it. It’s with us, like the cold and flu.

    The people who think they can do stuff to not get it are utter fools.

    With that, we need to stop the utter nonsense of Fallacious Faulci’s Mask & Lockdown security theater. It’s not helping.

  6. I only wore masks indoors because I was forced to. When the mandates went away so did it. I never changed my habits outside of working at home which I prefer to putting 50 miles on my truck every day. Especially with gas prices nowadays.

    It is inevitable that 100% or close to 100% of all humanity will get covid at some point. No matter how remote the location, no matter what anyone does, they will get covid. And it will inevitably make the vaccines useless. I bet those Sentinelese islanders near India that literally murder anyone that sets foot on there island will get Covid or already have.

  7. I signed up for the Vax back when I thought it was a vaccine that actually worked like a vaccine. I decided I am not going to take the booster. People are catching Omicron and Delta even if they are vaxxed and boosted, so why bother? Also, why would I take more of the same damned thing that did nor work the first time?

    I am going to stick to using vitamins to keep my immune system working. Vitamins B, C, especially D, Zinc and a good multivitamin. (Look it up.) Now I just need to lose another 40-50 pounds too.

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