Earlier today Miguel informed us that the British Government has decided that despite the stabbings, bombings, car and truck attacks, scooter attacks, acid/drain cleaner attacks, grooming gangs, and gang rape, the real threat to the UK comes from the Right Wing.

Gun rights advocates have said anti gun activists would prefer a woman raped than her shoot her rapist with a gun.

The UK has clearly adopted a policy that it is better to be stabbed by a radical Islamist or returned ISIS fighter than criticize Islam on Facebook.

This ideology is not confined to the Old World.  Leftists are the same on both sides of the Western Hemisphere.

White male ‘gun nuts’ are ‘biggest terrorist organization on the planet,’ Tennessee Dem ally wrote online: report

A spokesman for a Democratic group that is supporting former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen in his run for a U.S. Senate seat referred to “white male” gun owners as “Murican gun nuts” in response to a Facebook post asking people to identify “the biggest terrorist organization on the planet,” according to a report.

Not Antifa seizing control of city streets, attacking cars, and beating people.

Not Left leaning mobs shouting at politicians and threatening them and their families.

Not radical Islamists training kids to go on school shootings in the desert.

Nope, it’s law abiding, white, Conservative gun owners.  You know, the ones who haven’t actually hurt anybody.  We’re the real threat.

And we are, not because we are inclined to be particularity dangerous.  I think the fact that we haven’t engaged in violence, despite being the most equipped to dish it out, demonstrates the level of self control that we have.

We are dangerous because we stand in direct opposition to their goals.

Antifa and Liberal mobs do the Left’s bidding.

Radical Muslims seek the destruction of enlightened Western Civilization, which clearly the Left by-and-large hates, evident by their stance on environmentalism.

So defining us as the biggest terrorist threat is just a way of delegitimizing us.

So if you want a glimpse of the future of major US cities, look no further than London.

Getting your head caved in by some Antifa or having a knife stuck in your ribs by a practitioner of the Religion of Peace isn’t terrorism.  Hurting snowflakes’ feelings with a mean Facebook post will be.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “They are same on both sides of the pond”
  1. Only phrase that comes to mind:
    “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

    I think they know this too, and are trying to preemptively combat it.

  2. My opinion is that they are actually correct. Those ‘merican gun nuts ARE the biggest threat to them.

    The reason isn’t because we will shoot up night club like a Muslim terrorist. It is not because we’ll drive a rented truck into a crowded bike path. It is not even because we will blow ourselves up with a murder vest.

    We are the biggest threat because when the final straw is placed and the snap of a back breaking is heard round the the world, we will respond strongly, strategically, tactically and with deadly intent.

    When some fat old white man decides that enough is enough and strikes back he will do it to accomplish goals and he will do it well and successfully.

    Just look at what happens when those communist clowns calling themselves “antifa” run into people willing to fight back. They loose. Each and every time. And that is when they are just responding at equal levels.

    What is it they say, “never mess with an old man, they are deceitful bastards that fight dirty and fight to win.”

  3. For some time they’ve been referring to the NRA and it’s members as domestic terrorists, now they are just saying that all white male gun nuts are terrorists. Because I’m Conservative, Christian, pro-2A, pro-life, I’ve been called a fascist, Nazi, terrorist, extremist, racist, Islamophobe, misogynist, and a bigot. All this, from Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, just to name a few.

    To be the subject of disdain from people like that, and from Democrats in general, I consider to be a tremendous honor. These people that malign us simply for existing, for having principles, and for not falling in line with odious leftist doctrine deserve neither respect nor obedience. Leftist ideologues like the aforementioned are the lowest of the low, abject bottom feeders who are intent on nothing but cementing their own hold on power and forcing sallow, vile progressive dogma on us all. Fuck them.

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