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The ATF declared your pistol to be an SBR.

They tell you that you  have 120 days to register your SBR.

It’s already an SBR, you’re not asking permission to build one, it is one because the ATF changed the standard on braces.

The ATF can’t process your paperwork in time so it’s automatically denied.

Now you illegal possess an SBR and the ATF knows it.

They raid you, shoot your dogs, maybe shoot you, your wife, and/or your kids too.

In an attempt to do the right thing you incriminate yourself.

We’re back to US v. Miller (1939).

This isn’t just a Second Amendment violation, it’s a 5th Amendment violation, coercing you to testify against yourself that you own an illegal SBR.

This needs a high speed rush to SCOTUS to be struck down.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The ATF brace decision is a 2A and 5A violation”
  1. Personally, I think there are 4th, 6th, and possibly 8th Amendment violations there as well.
    4th, because without self reporting, how will the ATF know you have a “SBR?” Or a pistol brace of any kind?
    6th, because you have not been informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, nor have you been afforded the right to confront your accuser
    8th, because you are being punished for possessing something that has now been deemed illegal, through no fault of your own. Basically, the punishment does not fit the crime.
    There is nothing about this entire “rule” that is on the up and up.

    1. If I had a pistol brace I would place it in a plastic box, seal it, and bury it in a neighbor’s yard. That is if I owned one.

  2. My pistol brace was, before the boating accident, my left hand and it worked pretty good. I sadly haven’t been able to afford any new guns. Me sad.

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