First this:

Then this:

Every single time they can undermine confidence in the vaccine, they do.

Do you know how rare an incident rate of 6 out of 7 million is?

The reaction rate for many medications is higher than that.

There is a better chance you will have a reaction to antibiotics that makes your skin fall off.  That’s not a reason to pause giving people antibiotics.

This is an obscene overreaction.

The mortality rate for unvaccinated people is orders of magnitude more than this risk, so pausing vaccination is statistically more deadly than vaccination.

Part of me sort of believes undermining the vaccine is on purpose.

“We can’t return to normal without the vaccine.”

“You personally can’t live a normal life after vaccination.”

“You can’t trust the vaccine not to kill you.”

“We can’t ever go back to normal because too many people won’t vaccinate.”

On purpose or due to myopic stupidity, the Biden Administration is absolutely fucking up the vaccine rollout.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Biden administration is a bunch of anti-vaxxers”
  1. Pfffft. It’s too stupid for words. Unless we’re really laboratory rats, and we’re being tested to see how much contradictory information we will absorb until we malfunction on a massive scale.

  2. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. The CCP intentionally released this virus to destroy economies all over the world and ultimately assist in removing it’s biggest adversary, Trump. Mission accomplished on Trump; but now the American economy is slated to make a roaring comeback, despite the damage that Xi and Biden have inflicted, and this is in large part to the vaccines. They couldn’t have foreseen that Trump would have managed to get two successful vaccines developed and rolled out, even with “losing” the election. The American economy was likely supposed to be subject to at least another 2 years of untold misery, the lockdowns were supposed to continue along with it. Fauci undoubtedly knew this, this vile little elf knew exactly what was happening in that lab in Wuhan, he helped get it funding. Any bets that if Trump were still in, we’d have the AstraZeneca vaccine approved for emergency use as well, with others slated to be released? All that Biden and Fauci have left are lies and terror. They’ll do everything they can to get this country shut back down. They’ve got that moonbat CDC director calling for Michigan to be locked back down. Even tyrant Whitmer seems to realize that with the Biden admin admitting thousands of Covid positive illegal aliens down south that this isn’t an option. This will never, ever end, until the American people decide they’ve had enough of these despots and tin-god megalomaniacs. Fuck them all.

  3. If you had a jar with a million jellybeans, and one was poisoned, how many would you eat? The mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines, they are gene therapy. Weston A Price dot org, podcast 292. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

  4. I mean, the entire response to Winnie the Flu has been an obscene over-reaction, so why should this be any different?

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