“Material liberation.”

Today’s Kulaks are not wealthy farmers but small businesses owners and the Marxist activists are encouraging the envious and aggrieved mob to steal their property.

Right now this is late September, 1917.  Government buildings are bing occupied and Kulaks are being looted.  You know where it goes from here.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The BLM riots are a communist revolution”
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  2. I have been saying it’s a Communist revolution for a year. I was called an alarmist. More people are seeing the truth

    1. John Birch was right.

      The social justice intersectionalists think they can build a big coalition to change the world. They just don’t realize who will take control after they destroy the existing civilization.

      There is a reason the Bolsheviks had their Revolution in October 1917 when the Czar and his government fell in May 1917.

  3. The Corporatists aren’t just selling the Communists the rope; they’re actively sponsoring the Revolution.
    The stated goals and the methods in use certainly look Communist / Fascist / Nazi, but the sponsors presumably assume the end state will be a new sort of transnational corporatism – Fascism without borders, as it were – with a basically feudal social order.
    As ever, the visible unrest in the streets is a manifestation of a power struggle between factions within the established ruling class. Unrest without ruling-class backing simply isn’t tolerated.

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