It’s time to end the body positivity movement and go to full on national fat shaming.

From the NY Post:

‘Super Sized Salon’ star Jamie Lopez dead at 37

Jamie Lopez, founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture and star of the WE tv reality show “Super Sized Salon,” has died. She was 37.

The plus-size stylist was reportedly hospitalized in Las Vegas and died from heart complications over the weekend, sources told TMZ on Monday.

Lopez’s Las Vegas business, founded in 2017, claims to be the world’s first plus-size salon.

“People just don’t like fat people, they treat us horribly,” she told the Mirror in 2019 regarding her drive to foster inclusivity. “They want to make us feel like we’re unwelcome or feel like we don’t belong here.”

The WE tv show, which premiered in August, chronicled her journey to design it while confined to her bed, as she weighed 846 pounds before losing 400 pounds.

This is a 37-year-old woman who weighed 446 lbs and died of heart complications.


This is a video from her promo.


This woman is a victim of the body positivity movement that said it was fine to look like this.

It’s not.

A human body is not supposed to be that big.

A permissive and tolerant society encouraged her to get that big and rewarded her for it. Celebrating her as a plus-sized salon owner.

And now she’s dead.

Obesity needs to not be tolerated and the people who push body positivity need to be made into a pariah.

I know it sounds mean but it’s necessary tough love to save lives.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The body positivity movement needs to die before more people do”
  1. Interesting … Being decried as an old fat white guy is neither ageist, racist nor body shaming if the OFWG happens to be a conservative or gun owner.

  2. My heartless opinion- another made up victim hood and she signed on to it. 37 and dies… was it worth it?? They gonna bury her in a piano case?? Im so sick of this whining cry baby shit. MAYBE “people were mean to ya” cause you was a bitch… if YOU like yourself it don’t matter a spit what others think of you.. lots of people dont like me or outright hate me.. hate makes me strong. Fuk em. My 3 favorite words- I dont care..oh and all “inclusive “ does is make (somewhat) sane people avoid having ANYTHING to do with you.. wheres the America that didnt give a rats ass what or who you were as long as you treated everyone the same??

    1. I’ve always treated others as I wanted to be treated or they how deserved to be treated by the way they treated everyone else.

  3. So something was tweaking my “something is wrong with this picture” nerve. I thought it was the makeup (way overapplied imo), but that isn’t it.
    Just now, I finally realized … her trigger finger. 🙂 (Since we became gun owners, Mrs. B and I find ourselves holding drills, tape guns, blow dryers, etc., with our index finger extended until we’re ready to use whatever it is.)
    Yeah, I’m weird. I know.

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