I’m old enough to remember the events. I remember the Feds telling us that there were no federal snipers pointing guns at the defenders. It was just such a shock to see gun sight camera images of those snipers. I mean, they were clear, and I didn’t know that it was possible with the tech of that time.

There was the follow-on standoff. I did watch the state’s video of the ambush and the death of the one protester.

I was asked to write about that saga. To look into the court cases.

It is unlikely to happen. It falls into the same category of research as Ruby Ridge cases, and the Branch Dividians. Interesting, but a boat load of research that I do not have the resources at the current time.

If somebody wants to send me courts and case numbers, I’ll look into it. My research last night didn’t pop anything except anger at the Wikipedia page.

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By awa

One thought on “The Bundy Ranch Saga”
  1. IMHO- these are propaganda ops to scare us pee ons into submission. The mighty gubmint squash squad goes out and makes an example of a patriot… look at F’in biden with his “white supremacy “ is terrorism shiite..every thing they don’t like is labeled that…We the People are the enemy of liberals..

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