The Left said “the personal is poitical.”  Or as Strenlikov says in Dr. Zhivago “the private life is dead,” because the Left is mirroring the Bolshevek Revolution in all the worst ways.

As part of this, they are embracing their Antisemitism with vehemency.

Nothing Jewish or Israeli that isn’t full on Leftist Yevsektsiya pseudo-Judiasm is allowed.

This includes food.

Israeli food truck is BANNED from Philadelphia food festival: Organizers are accused of bowing to anti-Semitism after they claimed it would cause a ‘safety risk’

A Philadelphia food festival was condemned for banning an Israeli food truck on ‘safety’ grounds after telling the small business owners they feared its presence would trigger violent protests.

The city’s A Taste of Home event, organized by local food group Eat up the Borders, announced the food truck – Moshava Philadelphia – was no longer welcome to attend just a month after Moshava launched its business at the very same event.

Moshava’s cancellation triggered a huge backlash, with supporters insisting that A Taste of Home would have happily hired security to protect any other nationality that had received such threats.

The statement read: ‘Our mission at EUTB, is to uplift as many passionate small businesses in the Philadelphia areas as possible.

‘We want to provide a platform where we can gather around a table to share history, culture, language, and most importantly, FOOD.  In order to best serve our guests, we decided to remove one of our vendors for Sunday’s event so that we could deliver an optimal experience to all.  This decision came from listening to the community we wish to love and serve.  We do stand by our initiative to give vendors from all nationalities a platform to showcase their talents and provide an awesome experience for all.  We will continue to strive to provide opportunity to learn from one another over a nice dish. We hope to see you on Sunday and join us as we continue to learn and grow.’

See, the very presence of Israelis serving Israeli food will somehow cause other people to have a less than optimal experience or become violent.

It’s that that Leftists and Palestinian supporters are vile bigots who can’t control themselves in the presence of Jews like racist Whites under Jim Crow couldn’t stand having to share a restaurant with a black person.

And in a civil and tolerant society such as ours, we should not allow bigots to control the public space.


The Jews give off some sort of Jew-vibe that turns the stomachs of perfectly wonderful, tolerant, and passionate people.

(Doesn’t this sort of sound like the Left’s anti-gun attitude as well?  It’s not that a bad person got a gun, it’s that the gun has talisman-like powers to turn choir boys into murderers as soon as they pick it up.)

So, the only thing for wonderful and tolerant Leftists to do is to expel the Jews.

Its non-profit partner Sunflower Philly released its own statement announcing the event’s cancellation, which referred only to the ‘ongoing situation’ with Moshava.

Neither Sunflower Philly nor Eat Up the Borders responded to a further request for comment, but Melvin Powell of Sunflower Philly told NBC Philadelphia that one of the reasons for the cancellation was due to a past agreement that both Palestinian and Israeli food trucks be present at the festival.

Without a Palestinian food truck available, he said, ‘The fact that we couldn’t accurately represent both of them is the reason why we canceled the event today.

One of the ways this particular brand of Antisemitism manifests itself, to seem less overtly Antisemitic to the normies, is to “both sides” anything Jewish/Israeli with Muslims/Palestinians.

We saw this a few weeks ago when Jews were being beaten up by Palestinian supporters on city streets, the Democrats had to condemn “Antisemitism and Islamophobia” like both were happening equally.

How does the presence of an Israeli food truck without a Palestinian food truck not accurately represent anything?  If everything is political then simply letting people enjoy Israeli food is bad because they are enjoying something Israeli, even if it’s just food.

This event was canceled.

Maybe next time, if they can’t find enough Palestinian food trucks, they can send the Jewish food trucks to one area of the event and wall it off, or surround it with barbed wire.  You know, to concentrate the Jewish food trucks together into one place where they are not a threat to anyone else.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The City of Brotherly Love food truck event overtaken by Leftist Antisemitism”
  1. While I have no idea what constitutes Palestinian food as differentiated from Israeli food, from a safety consideration I’d be concerned that a Palestinian food truck may take “gut bomb” a little too literally.

  2. So… let me see if I have this correct.

    The religion of peace must be appeased, otherwise there will be violence? But, it is perfectly safe to insult the intensely violent, terrorist state of Israel?

    1. Yep. Same mentality as going up and screaming at someone open carrying. (Or trying-but-failing-to-coneal carry.)

  3. And yet too many Jews are still more afraid of Evangelicals and Republicans?

    Congressperson Ilhan Omar’s district includes heavily Jewish St. Louis Park Minnesota. She routinely carries the district by 40 points or more, including SLP.

    1. There are Jews and then there are Leftist Jews… Don’t confuse them for anything but what they are. No matter how much lox they schmear on their bagels, a kapo is a kapo.

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