John O’Sullivan is a conservative British journalist and a speechwriter for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

He coined a political law, known as O’Sullivan’s First Law, which states:

“All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.” 

Andy Ostroy is a political writer with the Huffington Post.  He Tweeted this about impeachment witness Alexander Vindman.

This has been a common theme by Vindman supporters.

An officer who knew Vindman in the service rebutted all of that, calling him a partisan hack in uniform in a long Twitter thread.  Vindman is a partisan hack in uniform, but the narrative has been set that he is the paragon of apolitical virtue because he’s a commissioned US Army officer and Purple Heart recipient.

This also touches on something I have been writing about recently, military officers and veterans who are actively anti-gun.  this includes Members of Congress, Pam Bondi, Ted Lieu, Tulsi Gabbard, Seth Moulton, and activists like Charlotte Clymer.

I learned about the history of Leftists calling our troops “baby killers” and such during Vietnam.

The hate for our troops existed on the far Left during the early parts of the G.W. Bush years.  But through the Obama administration and up to the present, that attitude is gone for all but the most extreme anti-war, anti-American Leftists like those in Code Pink.

We can all agree that the impeachment of Donald Trump is an attempted bloodless coup.  Even the Democrats will admit to that with the occasional slip that if Trump is not impeached, he will be reelected.

But what comes after the coup?  Usually, a Junta.

I believe what we are seeing is O’Sullivan’s First Law playing out in real-time in the United States Military.

An officer class that is loyal to the Democrats and not the Commander and Chief or the US Constitution.

We may have many conservative enlisted men and even some officers, but the Washington DC officers are part of a partisan clique that hides behind their military service to give the appearance of impartial legitimacy or knowledgeable experience to fanatical political activism.

After the bloodless coup, how does the Left maintain control?

The same way the Soviets did, using an officer class that is loyal to the party commanding enlisted men who will do anything their officers tell them to do.

We’ve seen this before at the local law enforcement level for years.  Places like Portland, the police top brass are politically aligned with the far Left city government.  The good cops have all quit and all that is left are the police who will ignore whatever the brass tells them to ignore, either out of partisan agreement or loyalty to a pension and overtime pay.

It seems that the US Military might be getting close to going all Portland Police on us, and becoming an armed wing of the DNC.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The coming US Junta or O’Sullivan’s Law and the US Military”
  1. One of the teaching moments for me about who the leftists really are was “protesters” spitting on Vietnam vets. For most of my life, the left vehemently denied it ever happened, while vets reported it happening to them. Then OIF, and I hear leftists saying “we should start spitting on vets again”.

    AGAIN?! Ah — the vets’ reports had been accurate, the left was just lying, and they even knew they were lying in their denials.

  2. Vindman and some Obozo-era generals are the exceptions, not the rule.
    They would command no one, come the day, and the apolitical soldiers requisite to a junta would be so outnumbered as to be a comedy bit.

    The Vindmans would wake up with a wire around their necks as they were being hoisted onto lightpoles neck-first at 3AM on Day Two of any such nonsense.

    People don’t join the military to be JBTs, and the ones who do join for patriotism would gleefully slit the throats of the pliable and morally bankrupt ones who attempted any such junta given the slightest opportunity, almost certainly within the opening hours of any such attempt.

    In any political upheaval, 99:1 all military units are restricted to base, and the gates chained shut from the inside, because the entire US military machine is outnumbered handily by deer hunters in KY and PA, by themselves. And the last thing they want to be is a hostile force in their own country, on soft bases, surrounded by people armed to the teeth, who suddenly don’t like them. cf. Custer at the Little Big Horn, every day.

    Douchecanoes like Vindman prove that we haven’t thinned the holdouts from Obozo’s era enough, and that old punishments like whipping on a wagon wheel and flogging around the fleet should be brought back into the Manual of Courts Martial, but they are not the surface nuggets of a hidden military vein of totalitarianism.

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