There goes a lot of the engineering staff of the Military Industrial Complex.  At least the good engineers who are not Woke.

It was nice being the most technologically advanced military in the world.

Not anymore.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “The COVID ideological purge hits the federal workforce”
  1. Then it’ll be required for employees of all contractors, and subcontractors, and….
    Presumably even those who work entirely remotely, because everyone knows that viruses spread over the Internet, and that the vaccinated are especially vulnerable.
    (Funny how I’ve never had to worry about possibly being in the same ZIP code as someone who wasn’t vaccinated for polio, ’cause I was vaccinated against polio, and that vaccine is known to work.)

    1. Already is there for at least one contractor … And I know of at least one highly experienced and valued person taking early retirement because of it.

      The management’s “q & a” FAQ is, to say the least, disappointing for a place that’s supposed to specialize in hard science (for both senses of “hard”).

  2. Getting an untrust vacine for something with almost 100 percent survival rate and you have no health conditions is fukkin insane. Where was all the hysterical panic during swine flu bird flu ect??????

  3. If they put 5% of the effort they’ve put into pushing vaccines/masks/shutdowns into convincing people not to be a bunch of fat fucking slobs and maybe eat some more veggies and go for a walk and pick up a weight every now and then we would be in a whole lot better situation.

    But fuuuck no. Go ahead a get the shot, then go load up on free Kristi Kremes and wash ‘em down with a couple Budweiser’s. Even the Delaware Dept. of Public Health put out a (now deleted) Facebook post that “Hey, you’d have to run five miles a day to get rid of that CoViD-15 you put on. Just take this experimental juice instead!” We’ve lost our damn minds and are being lead by a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths.

    Plus, there’s no profit to be made by Pfizer, Merck, J&J, etc. if we actually had a healthy society.

  4. Whether anyone agrees with it or not, there are millions of people in America, some of whom are Federal employees, who will literally go down shooting rather than have the government force a shot into their arm. De-personing and disillusioning these people is a really bad idea.

    1. “De-personing and disillusioning these people is a really bad idea.”
      Unless your objective is the destruction of Western Civilization, in which case it’s a really good idea. The moment one of them snaps, it’s the cue for epic reprisals. If a few of them band together, well, that’s the greatest threat to Deimocracy in the history of ever, and a WWII-scale effort is clearly called for.
      Here’s a great idea: let’s keep the righteous U-238 atoms safe from neutrons by isolating those nasty U-235 atoms and putting them all in one place, out of sight, out of mind….

      1. Along those lines (even if it might not seem to be): yesterday’s WSJ had an investigative article about TikTok. They created a bunch of bot account that signed up stating ages in the range 13 to 15 years. The bots then put in some search terms like “onlyfans” or drugs, and very quickly were fed a diet consisting mostly of pornography (including violent stuff), drug abuse, glorification of alcohol abuse including drunk driving, bulemia, etc.
        TikTok pretended to be horrified this would happen. I don’t believe it. Consider that TikTok is a Chinese company, one that Trump rightly sought to ban as an agent of the CCP. The outcome of the WSJ’s experiment makes perfect sense if you view TikTok as a subsidiary of the CCP, driven by the communists’ goal of destroying Western civilization.

    1. A religious exemption would imply the existence of a Power higher than the State.
      A medical exemption would imply that the Holy Vaccine is not perfectly safe for everyone.

    1. Hmmm.
      If there isn’t a medical exemption (and certainly I’ve been hearing of “private” businesses firing employees who, on advice from their own doctors, didn’t get vaccinated)….
      Americans with Disabilities Act, anyone?

      1. Lots of people are having difficulty understanding that America is no longer operating under the rule of law, that it’s now a dictatorship, comprised of fifty fiefdoms.

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