The Canadian Prime Minister has extended his emergency powers permanently and said that anyone who didn’t support this measure is essentially anti-government and a traitor.

The Canadian capital us full of checkpoints and the capital city Police will be investigating dissenters for months to come.

Business who supported the dissenters, even when it was legal are being shut down and their business licenses threatened.

People are having their accounts seized and frozen.

Police are getting violent with peaceful protesters.

If this was happening in some Latin American, Eastern European, or Southeast Asian country, we would be calling it a dictatorial takeover.

But it’s Canada turning into Cuba so we’re fine with another Western nation turning into am authoritarian state because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My suggestion is that the Canadian truckers raise another $20 million in crowd sourcing to hire Hunter Biden as a consultant.

With 10% for the big guy, maybe we would actually promote freedom and democracy in a foreign country that values it for a change.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The Democratic Peoples Republic of Canada”
  1. The difference between there and here? There the government/cops are destroying everything/everyone in their way. Here, the government/cops stand aside and let the fascists destroy everything/everyone.

  2. Debanking someone is like leaving an infant on the side of a mountain. You didn’t kill them directly, but you certainly caused the death.

    If I cannot be serviced by the financial industry, then I can’t get paid except in cash, which I have to keep somewhere safe that’s not a bank.

    Assuming your employer decides it’s worth it to keep you employed even after you’ve been declared a domestic terrorist, they’ll have to pay you in cash. That is a nightmare for payroll, but lets say you work for very small company that agrees to do that.

    Now you have to pay all your bills in cash. My local utilities will take cash payments, but only something like 9-3 on weekdays, excluding 11-1 for lunch. So you’d have to work a weird shift or take vacation just to pay your bills, and you’d probably have to do them all on the same day which may or may not work out depending on billing cycles.

    But what about outstanding loans? Can I still have a mortgage? Or a truck loan? Are banks going to be calling the loans on people who now have no access to their money?

    Even if Parliament flips control to reasonable people who stop this from continuing, what happens to the people who lost their homes?

    1. Fun Fact: In Germany you as an employer are legally forbidden from paying your employees in anything other than bank transfer. You full wage can never be paid in cash.

      Dunno if Canada has a similar law.

  3. EN2 SS,

    The Lberal Party of Canada is doing both. They are attacking their conservative political enemies across Canada AND allowing their Green and Radical First Nations political allies to attack a gas pipeline in BC.

    They have the same two-tiered justice system we are allowing here in America. Canada just decided to spit on their Charter of Rights and Freedoms to get their Conservative opponents.

  4. Eastern Canada loves Trudeau, and Trudeau loves them. It’s no surprise that eastern Canada is much more densely populated than the western part. Trudeau doesn’t need votes from western Canada, and he doesn’t mind taking billions of tax monies from western Canada and using those funds to augment his position in the east. Sound familiar?

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