Yesterday I said the Democrats would fail their moral test on the issue of taking a stand against Jew hatred.

Boy, they never fail to disappoint.

Not just did the Democrats fail their moral test, they failed spectacularly.

Of course.  You knew, just knew all the way down to your bones, that it would be the Progressive Caucus that was going to balk at any condemnation of antisemitism that wasn’t explicitly directed at a white Republican man.

Where unethical behavior is found in Washington, the Congressional Black Caucus is not far from the scene.  The CBC has had more ethics violations (and criminal convictions) than any other group in the House.  This is the caucus that had members repeatedly caught with their hands in the cookie jar but had the audacity to say that other Members of Congress sleeping in their offices to save money was an ethics violation.

But it get worse.

The whole point of the resolution was to condemn Ilhan Omar’s repeated antisemitic statements.

By leaving her name off the resolution and adding “Islamophobia” to it, it has given the CPC the ability to vote for it with a clear conscience.  They are not voting to condemn either one of their own OR antisemitism, just Islamophobia.

This also changes Omar (as well as Tlaib) from perpetrators of hate to the victims of it.

So the Democrats are watering this resolution down with whataboutism until it is a dilute pablum.

God damn every single one of these Democrats.

They can’t simply condemn vile and repeated Jew hatred when it comes from their own.

They have demonstrated to the world the value of their moral character and that value is equivalent to one Zimbabwean dollar covered in dog shit.

American Jews take note: this is the party the supposedly represents you.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Democrats never fail to disappoint”
  1. That’s like passing a resolution condemning anti-semitism with an added statement that condemns those who attack holocaust deniers.

  2. So, basically, they are looking to pass a resolution that says no one should say anything even remotely hateful to anyone, ever?

    And, notice how anti-muslim speech was included, but nothing about anti any other religion speech? Poor oppressed muslims. It truly is the religion of the perpetually offended.

  3. Name one religion whose main text explicitly says to “convert unbelievers to our religion, or else put them to the sword!”
    Name one.
    I can only think of one…..

    1. At the moment, probably only one. In centuries past, more than one. Ask any Dutchman about the 80 year war — the Dutch war for independence from Spain and its Inquisition.

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