The denizens of Facebook have spoken

Disgraced Sheriff Scot Israel posted the text of his press conference to his official Facebook page.

The comments were… brutal.

Here is just a sampling of what was said.

There wasn’t one comment of support for him anywhere that I could find.

Clearly this guy lives in a world of arrogant delusion and nobody else is buying his bullshit.

5 Replies to “The denizens of Facebook have spoken”

  1. MAYBE the dems have done what the Japs did in 1941- awakened a sleeping giant- America
    Maybe…. nice to see not a one of his “supporters” made any comments.

      1. Then again, there’s no real reason to keep him either. He’s a cis-het white man in a position of authority, and I’m sure they’ll find someone more diverse to contest the next election.

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