I had missed this one:

Look closely and you will see it.

When I talk about Political Optics, this is the shit I mean.  The image here says “I don’t actually do much shit but sit in the basement in front of my computer and jack off to Japanese Midget Lesbian Porn.

But wait, that is not all!

Let me see if I get this: You illegally used somebody’s trademarked logo for profit and political idiocy, get a Cease and Desist letter and think it is funny?

Stop helping, for the love of God!

Hat Tip Gregory DP

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “The Derp Brigade is helping, right?”
  1. Man, I hope you’re joking over being mad about trademark images of a porn site that’s been involved in… sketchy business.
    Is the bearded wonder up there an idjit? Yup, or he wouldn’t own those patches at all. But defending pornographers does not give you a moral high ground.

    1. I am defending property. It is a duly trademarked logo. As far as I know still in this country we extend protection from theft to even people we do not like.

  2. They aren’t promoting PornHub because of porn. Many on the right began using PornHub as a social media platform because PornHub was not censoring people for having double plus ungood opinions, like Google and Facebook have been doing.

    However, just like open carry, people are abusing it and forcing PornHub to disavow them. Gun owners are becoming the proverbial Jews in the attic in a campaign being run by Bloomberg and assisted by the media and the open carry morons who are playing right into their hands.

    Personally, I have been using MeWe, but almost no one else does, which kind of removes the “social” from “social media.”

  3. I thought the VA rallies were pointless, so why do optics matter? Is senility to blame for your inconsistency?

  4. Looking at some of these clowns and remembering your earlier posts, I was at first wondering if they are ignorant, or stupid.
    My current theory is that they are neither: they are attention junkies who don’t give a d*** what damage they do.

    1. pkoning, you come closest to the truth in this matter. I’ll explain why;

      Does the fact that there was no violence at the rally mean that the leftists weren’t there? No, absolutely not.

      These ‘attention-getters’ were that alright. But wonder what cause they meant to draw attention to…or from? Yes, to draw attention but to present themselves in such a manner as to diminish the efforts of them who stand to keep their inalienable rights, thereby to discredit the movement. Their clownish appearance is designed to mock the right and to convey that to a unknowing but interested public.

      It means that the left has changed tactics. Picking a fight was a modus operandi which no longer works. Even the police in Portland, OR (PantiFa central) are now standing up against the leftist agitators. So a change in tactics was definitely needed. Whatever could those changes be? Well, it sure ain’t picking a fight. The clowns shown in the picture gives a clue. Remember, infiltration can be played in all sorts of ways. These clowns, dressing themselves as half-clones of the people of the gun is evidence of the leftist playing infil for the purpose of OPTICS. Someone else said it’s all about optics. Here’s your proof.

      Anyone who thinks these buffoons materialized out of right-held territory ain’t seeing the big picture.

  5. Wasn’t there at least one gun-guy who had to move his channel from YT to Pornhub?

    Just because someone gives you safe harbor doesn’t mean you repay them by slapping a patch on and publicizing their association with you. Especially when you’re a sped.

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